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Babareplica Review: Replica LV Petit Noé Bag (READER SUBMISSION)

Attention, bag lovers! Today we got another replica website review.

The site name is Babareplica.ru. Is the site a scam or legit? Let’s see what Mel said about it.

Here is the content of the original email:

(I bolded the parts that are worth paying attention to & inserted the link for your convenience)

Hey there,

So, I read that review about copycatfrance you posted, and I totally feel Mia’s pain because I went through a similar scam! It’s been like six months since it happened, but after going through all these posts about people getting ripped off by different sellers, I figured it’s time to share my story too. Gotta do my little contribution to this community.

Just like Mia, I came across this website called Babareplica through social media. It’s crazy how often I’d open TikTok and see these videos showcasing bags from Babareplica.ru. And let me tell you, the comments section was flooded with compliments like “Wow, that bag is stunning!” or “Where can I get this beauty?” Like those people, I also got intrigued (or maybe I was just easily swayed).

So, I decided to check out the Babareplica website, they just had everything! From bags and shoes to clothes and even jewelry, they seemed to offer it all. I had always wanted to own a Louis Vuitton Petit Noé, so naturally, I began my search for it. And Babareplica actually had the exact bag I dreamed of. Now, I have to admit, I was still pretty new to the whole replica scene back then, so I didn’t know there is this “research” part before placing my order. 

All I remember is that the price was tempting. I can’t recall the exact cost of the bag now, but it was definitely less than two hundred dollars. The affordable price was one of the factors that lured me in initially.

When that replica LV Petit Noé Bag finally showed up at my doorstep, it was like a punch in the gut. I quickly realized I had been totally screwed over. The first thing that hit me was this awful plastic smell—seriously, it was nauseating! That smell was a harsh wake-up call, slapping me with the hard truth. And the canvas felt absolutely terrible too. It was a disappointing realization that I had been duped into thinking I had scored a great deal.

Naturally, I reached out to Babareplica, asking for a refund, but no surprise, they flat-out refused. It was so frustrating, but at that point, I didn’t want to waste any more time and energy on this nonsense. Thankfully, I didn’t lose a fortune on the deal, so I decided to move on. Lesson learned.

After the whole ordeal, I ended up forgetting about the bag and left it in the garage, collecting dust. Just got it out last night and took the photos.

So, that’s my story and experience. I hope sharing it can be helpful in some way.


A big shoutout to Mel for digging that bag out of the dust and taking the pics, as well as writing up this review. We really appreciate you sharing your experience with us! Thanks a bunch, Mel!

Here are the pics of the fake LV Petit Noé bucket bag from Babareplica.ru:

  • The canvas looks plasticky, matte, and dull.

  • There are some wrinkles in the lower part.

  • The lettering of the stamping looks thinner than the authentic one.

  • The reverse side of the strap is a big no. Anyone can see the difference easily.

  • Stitches in the handle are poorly sewn.

  • There’s also a loose thread on the side of the handle.

  • Hardware seems fine.

  • The red glazing of this knockoff LV bag is too bright.

If I remember correctly, a few months ago, my younger brother was thinking about buying replica Adidas Yeezy sneakers. He was checking out this Babareplica website and asked for my opinion. I took a quick look at the website, and it seems they have a wide range of products.

But as I did some research, I stumbled upon some pretty alarming stuff. I read comments from people who got burned big time. Like, one person got a bag that looked nothing like the real deal, and another poor soul didn’t even get a thing after paying. The replica seller just kept coming up with excuses and stalling until the buyer gave it up.

Guys, I understand that researching can feel tiring, and even though it can’t give a 100% guarantee, it’s a crucial first step if you want to avoid wasting your money. So, embrace the research phase as your defense against scams and bad deals.

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  1. Bernice
    September 10, 2023 / 6:05 pm

    Hey Mel, thanks for sharing your experience with us. It’s really frustrating to hear about people getting scammed by these replica websites.

  2. Pilar
    September 9, 2023 / 4:37 pm

    Is there any way to find a good replica website, though?

    • Angie R.
      September 10, 2023 / 9:49 pm

      Hi Pilar,
      You might want to consider these sellers/websites; they’re the ones I usually turn to when buying replica handbags.

  3. Hestia
    September 9, 2023 / 10:06 am

    I’m really sorry to hear about Mel’s unfortunate experiences with Babareplica.ru. I can relate because I’ve been burned by similar sites in the past.


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