Website Review: A Poor Excuse for an LV Replica

While it is true that a Louis Vuitton knockoff should be much cheaper than it’s authentic counterpart, you should always be wary when a site is selling them for too cheap as that is a sign that the quality of their products is poor.

As this client who shopped at reveals in the review I received by email, you can’t even expect mediocre quality at these prices, not to mention something that is actually good…or at least wearable.

This is not the first time I have heard whispers of bad things about this replica site, but this is the first detailed review I received by email. Here is the content of the email I received:


I noticed there is no review on your blog, so I decided to share my story. I’m a bit ashamed of myself, I don’t know what I was thinking. Their bags don’t look that great not even in the pics on the site, but I didn’t imagine they are actually THIS bad! I ordered the black Alma Vernis at the beginning of December and received it after 3 long weeks and after many emails. Their customer support team was so rude that I instantly regretted that I ordered from them, but I had already sent the money, so I had no other option than keep talking to them. So after 3 weeks the bag arrived looking like a mess! I don’t know if you can see this in the photos, but there are many small white dots on the leather that make the bag look like it’s dirty or smth. And the padlock is just painted plastic! Also, I’m pretty sure that leather stamp in the interior shouldn’t look like that… am I wrong?

I wanted to return this terrible knockoff Louis Vuitton bag but I postponed it a bit being busy with Christmas and all. And then they told me that I should have retuned it within 3 days! Like it was my fault the shipping was so slow!

Now I’m only keeping it to remind myself that it pays more to be cheap like me, because I will never wear it. Please let everybody know they should stay away from!”

As the photos make quite apparent, this is a really bad fake Louis Vuitton bag. I can’t recall the last time I saw a leather stamp on an LV bag that looks so far from the real deal. The interior stamp should be made of heat stamped beige leather no matter what the color of the bag, and this tag should have the trademark yellow stitching that Louis Vuitton bags are known for. Also since the bag is a black Alma Vernis the brass pieces should be black too, and not gold. The blog reader was right to say the whole bag is a mess, and quite frankly I can’t see anything good about it! I would personally throw this bag away if I had received it because it is a waste of space/resources.

I read their return policy and saw they only accept returns within 14 days and they make you pay for the shipping. As this reader states they were told that they only had 3 days to request a return, and as we all know this is a really short term for returning an item and also a sign that they are not so honest sellers!

Thank you to the blog reader for taking time to share this review! To anyone else who is thinking of shopping with them, I’d just suggest you stay away from this bad site! is now

Hello lovely blog readers,

I have big news for everyone! I will be overhauling the blog to make it more useful for everyone! The first thing is to note that the domain has changed from to In addition to this, I will be changing everything from the site design, all the way to how websites are recommended. Currently you will see that there is a recommended sellers page and I will be converting this into a sellers ranking page where I will feature all prominent sellers that are currently out in the market and rank them based on their product quality. I always get asked, “how good is seller x or seller y?” and in order to make the review side of the site more useful I will try to go through all popular sellers and offer a review of their quality based on my personal opinion, and opinions of blog readers that email me their own personal experiences!

This way I hope to expand the recommended seller list greatly, and even more importantly offer a better way of gaging who sells what type of quality so people can have better shopping advice! Another key change is that I will also begin to review authentic designer bags. As many of you know, most blog readers, and I myself own both authentic and replica pieces. I will begin to showcase more of my authentic collection, and offer reviews on these pieces as well as well as the sources where I got them from (e.g. consignment stores, the brand boutique etc.)! I will also be adding more guides to help discern between authentic and fake handbags. Overall I hope these changes will make the blog more useful!

These changes will be upcoming within the next few weeks, and months so keep your eyes peeled! If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below!


Angie xoxo

Louis Vuitton NéoNoé Replica Bag Review

Louis Vuitton Neo Noe M44021 Box
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Hello lovely blog readers!

In this post I will be reviewing my Louis Vuitton NéoNoé replica bag which I had purchased during the summer, and never got around to reviewing until recently! I honestly didn’t need the bag since I had quite a few to get me through the summer so I decided to wait and indulge in it’s beauty during the fall.

The NéoNoé is one of Louis Vuitton’s more recent releases and I like how it is an updated, modernized, and sleeker version of the original Noé (I have a Noé BB in Damier Azur which I have previously reviewed on the blog here). You can get a sense of what the bag looks like one by referring to this pic of the ever beautiful Alessandra Ambrosio sporting it while out and about:

Louis Vuitton NeoNoe Alessandra Ambrosio

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Case in point, we can refer to a previous review I did of a Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Mimosa replica bag about two and a half years ago! You can click here to read the original review of the bag I did. Now I’ve used this bag many times over this time period, and I’d like to share with you all how the bag has maintained itself. These are some key changes I have noticed with the bag:

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I love Chloé as a brand generally, and the Faye backpack is no exception in regards to my admiration for Chloé’s lovely designs. The Faye backpack is uber cute as it combines a bohemian vibe with femininity and functionality. The bag in it’s medium size retails for $1,990 USD and is sold out on every website I visited (including Barney’s, Nordstrom, and Chloé’s official site itself).

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