Besides Hermes, What Else Do The Rich Love?


When it comes to designer handbags that rich women love to carry around, do you just think of “Hermes” right away? As a matter of fact, Hermes certainly is the favorite of rich women and also can be considered the peak of the bag world.

However, in recent years, as young girls become more fashionable and more diverse in style, many wealthy Millennials and Gen Z’er are not just carrying Hermes bags when they go out.

More importantly, they aspire to highlight their unique style and personality while showcasing their financial power.

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Replica Celine Teen Triomphe Bag Review


I still remember how my mind blew up when I heard Phoebe Philo announce her departure from Celine. Back then, I thought I wouldn’t love the brand anymore after Phoebe left, but Celine has found their new aesthetic and I have to admit I’m loving it (especially the 16 and the Triomphe).

As the title suggests, today we will be talking about the Celine Triomphe bag.

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The Designer Bags That Look Alike – Which One Do You Pick?


If you are one of the bag lovers, you must have seen a lot of designer bags.

Before scrolling down this post, why don’t we play a small game?

Now, please tell me what brand this bag is from within three seconds.

View Post Replica Neverfull Review – Fake vs Real Comparison (Reader Submission)


I am thrilled to tell you guys that we got our first review share from Evelyn. I would say Evelyn did a pretty good job even though she pointed out this was her first review.

Alright, let’s see how was her LV Neverfull replica bag doing. I will also comment on the differences below the pic so it’s more clear. Scroll down to check the pics and don’t miss my comments!

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       Table of Contents

Hermes is arguably most well known for its very pricey Birkin bag which can set you back between $11,500 to upwards of $150,000 for an authentic bag. One often asked question is what color Birkin should I buy? 

And it’s easy to see why as the variety of colors, hardware, leathers, and textures can make Hermes a difficult brand to navigate – especially if you are a first-time buyer. 

With this quick Hermes Birkin colors guide, I believe you will have a more clear picture of the Bikin colors and one more step closer to picking your dream bag.

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