Bag Battle: Goyard Boheme VS Louis Vuitton CarryAll


Man, there are so many bag options out there these days. Choosing the best one is becoming more and more difficult (yes, it’s a good problem to have, though).

You know that heartbreaking moment when you are caught up between two great bags and you cannot decide on picking one? I bet a lot of you can relate! It’s like a never-ending struggle for us bag lovers – which one should we go for?

So I thought: why don’t we make a “Bag Battle” between these bags?

Today, it’s the Goyard Boheme going up against the LV CarryAll. If you had to pick just one, which would it be? Drop your favorite in the comments and let us know!

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Replica Gucci Ophidia GG Medium Tote Review


So in my recent review of the replica Gucci Savoy Duffle Bag, I casually mentioned snagging this GG tote along with the Duffle Bag and dropped a hint about a potential future review. Well, shortly after I hit publish on the Duffle Bag Review, I got messages from you guys wanting to see the lowdown on the tote.

Little did I know you all would be so eager to know more! I was initially thinking of taking a little break, but your enthusiasm convinced me to dive right in, so here I am, ready to spill the beans on this fabulous replica Gucci Ophidia GG Medium Tote!

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Replica Gucci Men’s Savoy Medium Duffle Bag Review


Hey everyone, as you might have seen in the review of my Replica Moncler Jacket, I’m gearing up for Christmas with my family in Canada this year and have been on a bit of a shopping spree to make sure I’m ready for our vacation.

One item on my shopping list that I’m absolutely thrilled about is the replica Gucci Savoy Medium Duffle Bag. I couldn’t help but share my excitement and write a review for you all. If you’re in the midst of picking out the perfect luggage for your holiday travels, this one’s worth checking out!

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How to Spot A Fake Bulgari Serpenti Forever Bag


It has become a crucial topic for every bag lover to discern the authenticity of designer handbags. This blog post will take you to a quick comparison between real and fake Bulgari Serpenti Forever Bag, providing you with authentication guides and techniques.

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Chanel 19: Quick Styling Tips & Inspiring Outfit Snaps


Are you still searching for ways to style a Chanel 19 bag? Look no further!

With its oversized diamond quilting and the iconic double-C metal clasp, the Chanel 19 Bag is a timeless classic from the House and oozes elegance and charm in the world of luxury fashion.

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