Hi my name is Angie, and I have always been obsessed with fashion, but the price tags aren’t always as appealing. I mean I love buying authentic bags but if you want to keep up with trends it becomes very costly, and unless you are a billionaire (I certainly am not) it puts a big dent in your budget. So I turned to copies or replicas and will post reviews here as I know there are too many sites out there with too little information.


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  1. Nice to find the site! I am very new to this. Is buying replica bags illegal?! I know selling is. I am afraid to purchase online if it is illegal. Thanks!

  2. Hi Angie,
    I got to know about PCC through your blog and decided to make my first purchase. I made a bank transfer to PCC more than ten days ago, and since then, I get a daily email informing me that money is not reflecting on their account. My bank assured me that the transaction had gone through without problems. I am incredibly nervous about this matter. Do you have any suggestion?

    • Hi GBB,

      How did your situation progress? Sometimes it’s take up to 4 weeks for my money to arrive to varying sellers. Please update us!

    • Hi everyone, I’ve been reading your blog but never said hi, sorry, partially because I havent tried any of your reccomended sellers. However, I always paid with western union to purchase replicas and payments were always available instantly or longest 1 day.

    • Hi Girl, Just to check have you received your order ? I placed an order last month , everything went smooth except my order was held at Kastam . I have sent more then 10 messages to Perfectc and unfortunately no response .

  3. Hi,

    I’m about to purchase on your recommendation from Louis mirror, have you had any issues with transfers before? Just makes me nervous..!

    • Hi Laulau,

      My experiences have been ok with them but remember if you are shopping with them YOU need to feel comfortable so follow your gut!

  4. I am looking to buy a Louis Vuitton sperone backpack. What site do you recommend? Also is the yellow stitching on the straps of a Louis Vuitton replica like an authentic Louis Vuitton?

    • Hi Jesse, if you purchase a good replica it should be the same yellow color & thread material.

  5. hi Annie….i would like a neverfull gm damier and a favorite pm damier. what vendor do you recommend?
    thank you

  6. DO NOT BUY FROM VOGUEBAGS.CN!!!! They are the former seniorbags.ru and you will get an email from scumbag “amy” with the offer to get $100 off if you pay by western union. You will never get your order or see your money again if you order from them.

      • Hi Angie, i´m looking for buying a replica of the balenciaga speedtrainer.

        Could you recommend me any reliable website with a very good replica quality??

        Thanks in advance!

        • Hi Rodrigo,

          I personally haven’t bought any replica shoes myself but I’d suggest you try the sources mentioned by everyone on the recommended sellers page, and maybe you’ll find luck in finding suggestions there!

    • Hi Jen, since it’s illegal to sell replica bags this is a bit of a sketchy area when it comes to giving out advice. I personally give away bags I’m bored of to friends and family members. I guess you could also post an ad in your local classifieds to see if someone’s interested in bartering with you over the bag (don’t forget to mention it’s fake of course!).

    • ps. I don’t suggest selling it online since it is illegal to sell replica bags, and you can be punished if caught doing so, so it’s not worth the risk in my opinion!

  7. I ordered from AAA on Feb 2. and have received NOTHING. I have sent 7 emails to them with no reply. I contacted Payoneer more than 10 times beginning March 1. They kept saying to be patient that they “were working on it”. I waited more than 3 moths only to have them tell me that they could not process a refund because the money had already gone through. But the money had gone through on Feb 3. I have been dealing with this for 4 months and can get NO answers. SCAM

  8. Hello
    Can i ask u for the best reseller or factory for hermes replica bags ? The best replica same as original with all the small details

  9. Omg I’m so hoping you can help me! I of course do everything last minute and I am desperately wanting to buy a VERY GOOD replica for my vacation. Of course, I leave sunday. Is there any where I can buy VERY good replicas that SHIP FAST? I’m desperate.

  10. Hello.
    I own several authentic designer handbags and swore off replicas.
    While overseas, I found a couple replicas that blew my expectations. So much so that I purchased one, in few colors. Because I was extremely familiar with the authentic version of the bag, I was comfortable buying a 1:1. I am hoping that you can suggest another replica that meets your expectations! I am going to Phillipines and would like to find another beautiful piece!
    Thank you for your time and help.

  11. You are a scam website with a different name
    You owe me $ 350;00
    From purse valley
    All u did was change name
    I am coming to report you to
    FDA to confiscate and watch your website
    Unless u want to return my. Money
    Gail jamal

  12. Hi Angie,
    Have you every buy from Perfect c club? If you did, how is the quality? I am interested in ordering from them. I want an1:1 replica.

    • Hello,did anyone has purchased a bag from Perfect Hermes?I paid them full cost of bag which is expensive actually via Western Union & they have emailed me the pictures of the bag 3days ago.Just to add I have ordered the bag & took 2 weeks for them to produce it.However,they didn’t ship the bag so far!They told me to wait till they ship it.I just hope it’s not a scum.Any info will be appreciated.Thanks


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