Hi my name is Angie, and I have always been obsessed with fashion, but the price tags aren’t always as appealing. I mean I love buying authentic bags but if you want to keep up with trends it becomes very costly, and unless you are a millionaire (I certainly am not) it puts a big dent in your budget. So I turned to copies or replicas and will post reviews here as I know there are too many sites out there with too little information.





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  1. I ordered from AAA on Feb 2. and have received NOTHING. I have sent 7 emails to them with no reply. I contacted Payoneer more than 10 times beginning March 1. They kept saying to be patient that they “were working on it”. I waited more than 3 moths only to have them tell me that they could not process a refund because the money had already gone through. But the money had gone through on Feb 3. I have been dealing with this for 4 months and can get NO answers. SCAM

  2. Hello
    Can i ask u for the best reseller or factory for hermes replica bags ? The best replica same as original with all the small details

  3. Omg I’m so hoping you can help me! I of course do everything last minute and I am desperately wanting to buy a VERY GOOD replica for my vacation. Of course, I leave sunday. Is there any where I can buy VERY good replicas that SHIP FAST? I’m desperate.

  4. Hello.
    I own several authentic designer handbags and swore off replicas.
    While overseas, I found a couple replicas that blew my expectations. So much so that I purchased one, in few colors. Because I was extremely familiar with the authentic version of the bag, I was comfortable buying a 1:1. I am hoping that you can suggest another replica that meets your expectations! I am going to Phillipines and would like to find another beautiful piece!
    Thank you for your time and help.

  5. You are a scam website with a different name
    You owe me $ 350;00
    From purse valley
    All u did was change name
    I am coming to report you to
    FDA to confiscate and watch your website
    Unless u want to return my. Money
    Gail jamal

  6. Hi Angie,
    Have you every buy from Perfect c club? If you did, how is the quality? I am interested in ordering from them. I want an1:1 replica.

    • Hello,did anyone has purchased a bag from Perfect Hermes?I paid them full cost of bag which is expensive actually via Western Union & they have emailed me the pictures of the bag 3days ago.Just to add I have ordered the bag & took 2 weeks for them to produce it.However,they didn’t ship the bag so far!They told me to wait till they ship it.I just hope it’s not a scum.Any info will be appreciated.Thanks

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