REPLICA SCAM LIST (must read!)

Have You Been Scammed While Shopping for a Replica Product?

Hey guys feel free to comment below about any sites that have ripped you off while shopping for a replica of any kind whether it be a handbag, shoes, or even a watch. If you feel you should warn others about any site the comments are a free for all! You can also email me any review you have at with pictures and details and I will post it up on the blog for all to read!

If a website gets enough negative reviews I will add it to the scam list. If you are a website owner you can also feel free to converse with the unhappy buyers. I hope this opens up a great dialogue between shoppers and sellers, and allows us to help warn shoppers to stay away from certain sites and sellers that have proven to be nothing but trouble!

Replica Websites to Avoid:

I have received MANY negative reviews about sites called “ebag” “ebbaag” or any similar sounding name. They are a scam. They do not send anything because they don’t have anything to sell. The products pictured on their sites are stolen photos. Many have alleged they steal your identity and run a phishing scam. Save your money and yourself a headache and do not shop here. The negativity about this group of scammers is overwhelming and enough to warrant a big warning!

A lot of people have sent there money in and then received no response from this company. It is a big SCAM.




I have received messages from blog readers being scammed by them. Their contact details Winnie Jim – email address … Any time you see the name Winnie associated with replica shopping it is most likely a scam – don’t buy!


Instagram Replica Sellers to Avoid:




877 thoughts on “REPLICA SCAM LIST (must read!)

  1. I was scammed a total of $1,350 by a sellers Whittney Sade Mason. She has a group on FB called Wholesale Vendors. She will have both replica and authentic bags on her FB listings. The authentic are fake. She also will tell you how she is going on a buying trip and send a video or pics. She assures you the bags are authentic she will be buying for you. They are all fake and the worst quality I have ever seen. Some of the LV bags I purchased had plastic zippers on the inside pocket or the zipper did not work. The red trim on the leather handles was such a mess. She is a scammer, liar and will steal your money. She presents to be very sweet, beware she is not.

    • If the seller is in the U.S.and you know where your money went, contact The Federal Trade Commission and file a complaint with them. Also you should file a police report (only if you think that you will not get in trouble). Some stares have laws against buying fake handbags and could charge you.
      I hope that you can track this idiot and frickin scamming thief down!!!

    • Hi Sophie,

      That is unfortunate to hear. Thank you for sharing with us – hopefully others can avoid being scammed! Please let us know how you found this seller.

      • I found them through google. The website is
        At first they do email me back with their details and instruction on how to send money, and assure me the bag will be send out 24 hours after they receive money.
        Once i emailed them the receipt and let them know I paid, they then disappear. After few days i now know they are a scam and I have lost my money.

  2. I have recently been scammed by or they go by ultimate luxury bag. The name is Vijay Singh. DO NOT SEND money to this site or individual. Total scam and thief! They have a great online catalog but will take your money and you will never hear from them again. Can’t believe I fell for this!

    • hi I just been scammed by them as well. but the person who contacted me name Jessica Cruz

  3. Hello. Have you guys heard of replica union? im trying to buy hermes oran Sandals. I really want one so bad and they have it on their website. i just wanna know if theyre legit. Also can you recommend me good sites where i can buy Hermes Oran Sandals or any designer shoes? Thank you so much

  4. Hi Queen-

    Avoid Instagram account luxurybagsbyanna She is so nice upon interest and completely dismissive once you pay her. I bought 2 bags for $800 and she sent me one which wasn’t very well made or the right size despite the pictures she posts claiming it’s the actual bag. I have yet to receive the second bag and when I asked if I could return the first one for the right size, she blocked me on Instagram?? Like wtf. I reached out to her from another account asking if she was going to send the second bag and blocked me again. I wish there was a way I could report her 😔 I feel so stupid to trust people on ig and can’t believe the inherent dishonesty.

    • I tried to offer a suggestion and the PQ site says I have …”already said that”! Nope, I have not but try leaving a l oud review on Instagram or FB.

  5. Does anyone know if is a scam or real? They claim to sell counter quality items from almost every brand you’d want.

    • Hi Hannah,

      I have done a lot of reviews on them that you can read, for example here. They are legit but as with all replica companies you have to know what brands to buy from them and which replicas are better quality (i.e. popular bags) as opposed to poor quality.


    • Hi Deanna,

      I have heard negative things about AAA Handbags so I’d stay away, but maybe a reader with more recent experience with them can shed some more light on them! 🙂

  7. I got scammed $500 by iamkikayalley on Instagram. Stay away from her. She is a fraud from Philippines. I feel so dumb writing this because I’m usually careful.

    • Hi Cross,

      That is unfortunate to hear – I will add her to the scammer’s list. Can you please provide what name you sent the money too so we can add that as well to warn others. I truly hate how social media has made scamming people for replicas so easy!

      • I sure will. She blocked me on IG. I have screen shots of conversations. Just tell me where to send them to.

  8. Hi, anyone here has heard about Their Celine bags looks great, and they are a lot cheaper than Designer Discreet? Please advise 🙂

    • Hi Sofie,

      I personally haven’t heard about them, and their site seems poorly made and wasn’t working properly when I visited so I am a little hesitant to shop with them especially since they have an unknown reputation meaning you are making a bigger gamble when shopping with them! If you do try them out please share with us how it goes! 🙂

      • I would like to purchase a couple of bags. Do I order one at a time in case customs confiscate the package? Or is it safe to order a couple in one order? Thanks.

        • Hi Sam,

          If it is your first time purchasing I would suggest going with just one item so you can vibe out the seller and the quality. After that you should know whether you got your money’s worth and order larger hauls!

  9. Avoid designeritems_ on Instagram as they are a scam site. Lost £300 to them recently & no items sent. They steal other sites photos & customer feedback too.

    • Hi Trudi,

      If you send me more details to my email including screenshots of your conversations I can write a post to help others avoid them!

    • Hi Emy,

      I’ve never purchased from them so I can’t offer any advice about them but their name sounds silly to me and always gives me a chuckle – I mean what serious company would name their company hahabags … anyways hopefully someone who has actually shopped with them can share some insight! 🙂


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