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How to Spot A Fake Chanel 22 Bag


It has become a crucial topic for every bag lover to discern the authenticity of designer handbags. This blog post will take you to a quick comparison between real and fake Chanel 22 Bag, providing you with authentication guides and techniques.




  • The leather has a glossy and shiny surface, with clear and visible grain patterns.
  • The overall texture is soft and flexible.


  • The leather lacks fine and delicate grain patterns.
  • Additionally, the overall texture feels slightly stiff and rigid.

Hardware Logo


  • The hardware logo has an aged gold color.
  • The logo has noticeable curves and a three-dimensional, full appearance.


  • The color is a brighter yellow.
  • The logo lacks a natural and full appearance.

Chanel CC Medallion


  • The Chanel CC medallion has a distinct and sophisticated curvature.
  • The front side has a slightly smaller font size, while the back side appears thicker.


  • The letters have slightly curved contours on the edges.



  • The letter “C” is perfectly round.
  • The horizontal stroke of “H” is not exactly in the middle, it’s slightly higher up on the central line.
  • The left top line of “N” is longer than the right bottom line.
  • And when it comes to “E,” the middle horizontal line is the shortest, while the bottom line is the longest.


  • The font of “MADE IN ITALY” appears slightly thicker.
  • And the letter “R” has a thicker outer contour as well.

Chip Label


  • The chip label has smooth and rounded metal edges.
  • The double C logo, engraved using laser, has a snowflake-like fill pattern inside and jagged edges.
  • The encoded numbers consist of three curved lines arranged in a spiral shape, with polished surfaces and clear lines.


  • The chip label of the replica Chanel 22 also features three spiral lines, but not as clear as the authentic one.



  • The hardware zipper has clear and bold engraved lettering for the logo.
  • The corners of both the inner and outer contours have sharp edges.
  • The letter “C” is perfectly round, while the letter “A” has a pointed inner corner.

Now it’s your turn, take a look at the engraving on the zippers.

Authenticate the zippers by using the methods above and tell me which one you think is the real one in the comments!

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  1. Ahn
    July 28, 2023 / 11:55 pm

    Hi A.
    Are these comparisons from a bag you bought at perfectcc ?

    They are pricey, so worth knowing of these are from them.


  2. olga
    June 23, 2023 / 8:40 am

    Looks like #1 is real

  3. Jamie Thompson
    June 11, 2023 / 1:24 pm

    Oh shooootttt, after reading the comparisons, I have a feeling that my pre-loved Chanel 22 is a fake

  4. Katie
    June 7, 2023 / 9:52 pm

    my vote… zipper #1 is the authentic!


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