Balenciaga Classic City (Metallic Edge) Replica Bag Review


Hey everyone! So last year as part of my bi-annual replica bag haul I scored a Balenciaga Classic City in taupe gris with the metallic edge detailing. The real bag retails for $2,490 on Barney’s and is completely sold out on Balenciaga’s official website. The bag is super luxe yet very functional at the same time. The shoulder strap the bag comes with makes it a no fuss bag in the sense that you can simply throw it on your shoulder and go out. I’ve always personally had a soft spot for bags with shoulder straps since they make carrying the bag so easy, and help add a nonchalant vibe to your overall look as these celebs showcase while carrying the bag:

Celebs carrying different Balenciaga bags

Another aspect of the bag I love is all the small details starting with the braided handles. I think that the braided handles add such a defining touch to all of Balenciaga’s models and really think it is one of those signature touches that can help you easily identify the brand. The braided handles add a beautiful sense of femininity to an otherwise very tom-boyish bag in my opinion. Another defining feature of Balenciaga’s classic bags are the tassels. There are tassels on every zipper of the bag (on the top and the front) and this is another signature design feature which screams Balenciaga to me.

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Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Chanel Bag Online



Let’s face it, shopping online is pretty much everyone’s favourite pass-time: you can do it anywhere and anytime, and these days you can also get just about anything you want on the world wide web, including designer bags.

That being said, Chanel seems to be keen on maintaining its exclusive status by holding out on the world of online shopping. If you are looking to get your hands on a shiny new Chanel bag, your only way of satisfying your classic French designer craving is to make your way into one of the company’s boutiques and subject yourself to the fabulous experience of luxury shopping.

But, online retail always finds a way, and if you are in the market for a pre-owned Chanel bag, you do have a few options. While your shopping experience will vary depending on your choice of service, we are confident that you will find your next fave at one of them. We do recommend doing your research on the specific model that caught your eye, because not every retailer accepts returns.

Ladies, start your search engines!


A mainstay for designer online shopping, Bluefly is a great place to find overstock goods, as well as pre-owned items. This online boutique has a lot of designer stuff, sourced wholesale from brokers, so you will likely not find any exclusive or sought-after pieces, but what you will find is reasonable prices and a money-back return policy. Overall, this is a safe bet for authenticity and value, especially if you happen to find what you were looking for.



Chanel Black Quilted Caviar Leather Petite Shopping Tote $2,415.99 via Bluefly


Another online go-to for designer goods is Shopbop, which mainly sells brand new clothes, bags and shoes, but also has a vintage section called What Goes Around Comes Around where you can find pre-owned bags and accessories. All items, including a selection of covetable Chanel bags are authenticated, so you know it’s the real deal. Like Bluefly, Shopbop has a pretty good return policy, though true bargain hunters can find better prices elsewhere. But girls: free shipping!

Chanel Black Caviar 3CC Bucket Bag $5,565.06 via Shopbop

Have you ever dreamed of an international designer marketplace where you can find stuff from boutiques across the world at the click of a button? Like a fashionistas-without-borders? Well, it exists and it’s called The online retailer compiles online inventories and coordinates shipping for boutiques from US, Europe and Asia, offering a huge selection of designer goods, including vintage Chanel bags. What’s nice is that shipping and import charges are included in the listed price, so you don’t have to budget for those little extras. On the other hand, prices can vary greatly depending on the individual boutique and its location.

Chanel vintage flaps quilted shoulder bag $7,343 via

Vestitaire Collective

Vestitaire Collective is an upscale online resale boutique where you can buy and sell designer goods in a much more dignified setting than, say, eBay. The online retailer’s team of experts checks the authenticity of items once they are sold, so you are definitely not on your own in that regard. Vestitaire Collective is dedicated to providing the best service, and a carefully curated catalog of 600,000 coveted items, with over 30,000 new listings submitted every week. The impressive inventory includes a large selection of vintage Chanel bags, and the website even allows you to make an offer, as opposed to setting a non-negotiable price.

Chanel Boy leather handbag $4000 via Vestitaire Collective

The RealReal

Searching for a fantastic deal on a fabulous Chanel bag online? You should definitely check out the RealReal, an online consignment retailer with a mind-blowing 4,000+ Chanel bag listings. Item prices are set by individual sellers, so if you don’t mind sifting through a ton of listings, you are sure to find something that’s great for both your closet and your wallet.

Chanel Medium Plus Boy Bag $4,500 via the RealReal


Another well-known online pre-owned designer goods retailer is Portero, which represents consignment listings as well as items from vetted sellers who basically use the website as a platform for their luxury resale business. The upshot of this is better, more professional photos and communication, broader selection, and overall a more upscale experience. While the sellers definitely know the value of their items, that doesn’t mean there aren’t deals to be had, and you will likely find a better-curated selection than eBay.

Heritage Auctions

Whether you are searching for an elusive rare gem or simply a beautiful designer piece, Dallas-based Heritage Auctions is a great place to check out. Like most others of its kind, the auction house deals in art, fine jewelry and antiques, but it also has a curated online selection of designer bags that can be purchased at very reasonable prices. And if you are searching for a rare, highly-sought after luxury bag, you can certainly find it at Heritage Auctions as well.

Black & White Quilted Lambskin Leather Cambon Ligne Bag $1,063 via Heritage Auctions


We’ve mentioned eBay a few times now, so now let’s talk about its awesome online shopping possibilities. eBay has long been the internet’s largest marketplace for anything and everything, including Chanel bags. Here, you can find great deals and the rarest pieces, shop at vintage “stores”, and browse thousands of listings that will take you into the wee hours of the morning. There is always new stuff being listed and the possibilities are seemingly endless.

But, there is always a but. Because eBay is a user-to-user marketplace, it does not guarantee the authenticity of merchandise, so it’s up to you to do the homework. Generally, if the price is too good to be true, it may very well not be real. Check the seller’s feedback reviews, shop at vintage eBay “stores”, and research how to spot a fake Chanel bag.

vintage authentic Chanel brown lamb classic double flap bag $1,290 via eBay


Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Bag Review (Replica)!


Hello everyone. I hope your 2018 is rolling well so far, and I hope it is a year of happiness, peace, and prosperity for all! So before I begin posting about my new hauls for the year, I am going to finally finish posting some reviews that were lingering, and I just quite frankly never had the time to put up. I’m super sorry to anyone I kept waiting from these reviews, and hope they’ll be helpful to anyone thinking of shopping for a replica out there. So this particular review is about the Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme bag.

So when I shop for bags I mentally categorize them as either fun or serious. Now the Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme bag is a fun bag. It is a stand out piece, and can really take an outfit from mediocre to damn chic. I absolutely love the look of the bag, and the vibe it exudes. I also love how versatile the bag is. It can literally be worn for a day trip while you’re out shopping, or at night if you’re going out for dinner or some fun. The bag is an art work in terms of the intricacy of the design. Everything from the beautiful textured tiger head with the unique closure detail, all the way to the hand painted sides of the bag really make the bag pop when you look at it. I buy a lot of bags, as you may be able to tell by my name, however the Gucci Dionysus bag is one of the few bags that have not only impressed me in terms of being a functional bag, but has also stood out as a true art piece to me. So needless to say anything else, I LOVE the bag. I’ve also seen the bag pop up on Instagram fashionistas a lot, and I’m guessing that everyone else is loving the bag for similar reasons to me. Some of my favorite looks I’ve seen sported with the bag so far include:

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Can You Spot a Fake Gucci Dionysus Bag? A Real vs. Fake Guide


2017 is over (for better or worse), and the Lyst index indicates that Gucci was on fire as the second hottest brand of 2017, right behind Balenciaga. One of Gucci’s most popular handbags of the year was the Dionysus Supreme GG bag which I actually ended up snagging one (as a replica), in the same color combo Chiara Ferragni has (pictured below from her Instagram account):

In this review I will compare an authentic Gucci Dionysus bag to a replica Gucci bag. As you go through the guide, try to guess which is real, and which is fake. By the end of the article you’ll know whether you were right or wrong.

So in case you haven’t seen the Dionysus before, this is the bag pictured on the Gucci site, where it retails for $2,290 USD:

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What in the world happened to and


Most people who have ever thought of shopping for replicas have most likely heard of Pursevalley and their sister company Perfect Watches. They were a notorious company, and have been up for practically forever – I mean I have been shopping for replicas for over ten years and have seen their sites up since the beginning when I first dipped my toes into replica bags. I was always tempted to try them at first, and did and I got burned and learned a key first lesson in replica shopping: you will make mistakes until you find a good seller.

But now their site is down (it has been since early August). I have heard that many people who ordered in July are hanging on by a thread as their money has been taken however their orders have yet to be fulfilled. I am not surprised Pursevalley decided to go out like this by ripping people off, since any sophisticated replica shopper should be aware they are a very scam-y operation even when they were up. Their bags did not last and their lies were aplenty.

Will Pursevalley pop up again? Who knows? When I think of Pursevalley now I get reminded of a childhood game I played called Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? I guess the only question that remains now is what in the world happened to and

After perusing online I see that people were told they were moving warehouses and that all the products on their site was showing as sold out. Maybe their factory was busted or maybe they just decided to shut down their operations after screwing people over for years. One thing is for sure though, Pursevalley has left a sour taste in many replica shoppers mouth’s, and for many it was their first bad or mediocre experience when shopping for replicas. Whatever the case, whether Pursevalley got busted or shut down, I for one am happy to see them go, and hope they don’t pop back up.

Are you someone who has shopped with Pursevalley right before they got shut down and not received your stuff? Or do you have any idea what happened to them? Please leave a comment below and share your experiences to enlighten us!

UPDATE: We finally have a clear answer!

The mystery of what happened to Pursevalley has finally been solved. They were caught – plain and simple. A lovely blog reader emailed me a link to an article in Chinese (which I then translated) which outlines how they were caught and even have some snaps of their goods in their warehouse (which may have been people’s missing orders). New sites claiming to continue the operations of the original Pursevalley include and however you should know these sites are simply people imitating the original PV and are not linked to the original owners who are now in jail! Here’s the translation of the article that I got from here:

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Public Security announced that the Chinese and American police had successfully cracked a large-scale transnational infringement of intellectual property crimes. The entire chain smashed a criminal network that sold counterfeit luxury goods to the United States and other countries through the independent website The public security organs arrested the suspects. Name, smashed seven dens, the amount involved is as high as 100 million yuan. A week later, a letter of thanks from the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau was sent to the Alibaba Group, thanking Alibaba for the big data support provided by the special team in this case.

On January 13, Guangzhou Public Security sent a letter of thanks to the Alibaba Group.

On November 8, the Ministry of Public Security announced that the Chinese public security organs had arrested 36 criminal gangs headed by Zhuang, and smashed 7 fake and fake dens, and seized leather goods, bags, watches, and other brands such as counterfeit LV, Rolex, Cartier and Gucci. More than 3,000 pieces of jewelry, and found that the cumulative sales amount reached 100 million yuan, the US law enforcement agencies simultaneously conducted investigations on their domestic websites and bulk ordering of fakes.

“We received the clues provided by LV as early as June 2015, saying that we found that cross-border gangs hired overseas servers to establish an independent website. sells a large number of fakes across the border, hoping to invite Ali to fight the special team to cooperate. The sale of fake models to crack down.” Alibaba platform governance Xiao Er Hong told reporters that in the following two years, the special team and the brand rights holders, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security conducted many times of communication and coordination, to help the police to explore the expansion of criminal network domestic gangs and The main character online trajectory.

The server’s overseas Pursevalley shopping site is full of fake luxury goods.

With the help of Ali Big Data, the police found that was registered in March 2013. The domain name registrar is a Guangdong company, but the website server is located in the United States. The website not only publishes a large number of false low-priced discount brand-name product information, but also has online ordering and customer service functions. Users complete transactions through Western Union and Paypal transfers, and support payments in currencies such as US Dollars, British Pounds, and Euros.

On July 13, 2017, the police seized a large number of counterfeit brand watches.

In mid-July of this year, the Ministry of Public Security organized the command of the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau to dispatch police forces to carry out centralized collection operations for production, warehousing, and export. At a logistics point in Guangzhou, gang members are loading the packaged goods and sending them to the EMS International Logistics Center at Baiyun Airport. In another warehousing and packaging den, the police seized two boxes of counterfeit luxury watches, accessories and glasses, involving a number of luxury brands, and found a large number of torn order documents. Subsequently, according to the EMS international logistics list found on the spot, the police rushed to the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport International Logistics Center to communicate with the customs and seized more than 100 undelivered international express parcels.

The police seized more than 100 fake parcels to be sent abroad at the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport International Logistics Center.

It is understood that counterfeit luxury goods on are mainly sold to the United States, followed by European countries. The division of work of Zhuangmou is also very clear: the overseas customer service team is responsible for receiving orders and website promotion; the domestic operation team is responsible for translating overseas orders and is responsible for after-sales; the domestic procurement team purchases according to orders or entrusts underground dens to produce fakes, and then launches them by themselves. The logistics company conducts the package, customs declaration, and then sends it overseas.

“The special team analyzed online clues and found that Zhuangmou gang used the Taobao shop for sale in the early days. After being severely punished by the platform, it was collusion with overseas gangs to use the independent website to continue the sale.” Hong said that in this case Overseas demand for fake goods, many consumers can be known to buy fake, which shows that fakes have become a global problem.

“Alibaba has always supported the anti-counterfeiting and repeatedly appealed to the society to fight against fakes like drunk driving. We praised the joint anti-counterfeiting between China and the United States, which shows that cross-border anti-counterfeiting has entered a new era.” Alibaba Chief Zheng Junfang, the platform administrator, said: “We urgently hope to join hands with many parties to export the domestic collaborative anti-counterfeiting to the world, and to cooperate with all the forces that can be united in the world to solve the problem of counterfeit goods.”