Review: Replica Chanel Caviar Quilted Flap Card Holder (Real vs Fake)


Hey guys!

I’ve got something different for you today! Unlike my usual reviews, you can see it’s also a real vs fake comparison. Any idea why?

The reason is I bought this knockoff Chanel wallet from somewhere else instead of the replica sellers that I often shop from. And since this is my first purchase from this website, which is called, I‘d like to play it safe and start with a small item that I already own an authentic version of. This way, I could easily compare the craftsmanship, material, accuracy, and more.

Alright, let’s jump right into it and see how well this fake Chanel card holder from can do!

Left-Authentic; Right-Replica

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Travel in Style: 9 Trendy Backpacks That Combine Fashion and Functionality


Even though tote bags and shoulder bags are all the rage these days, I’ve been asked for backpack recommendations. So, guess what? Today, I’ve got you covered with a collection of backpacks that combine fashion and functionality!

But to be honest, backpacks aren’t exactly the mainstream in the world of bags right now, so there aren’t too many new releases or heavily promoted styles. The available options mostly consist of those familiar “old friends” that we’ve seen before.

I’ve done some serious digging this time and put together a list of 9 backpacks that are trendy right now.

Hopefully, the fashion houses can step up their game and bring out some fresh designs in the backpack department. So we can free our hands while looking fabulous at the same time!

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DHgate Replica Goyard Card Wallet Review – Real vs Fake (READER SUBMISSION)


Hey, gals!

I am beyond excited to see that more and more people are joining this community to share their thoughts and experience.

Thanks to Maria, we now have the opportunity to directly compare the authentic Goyard Saint-Sulpice card wallet with a knockoff version. Again, I will also provide comments highlighting the differences below the pictures.

Read Also: Replica Neverfull Review – Fake vs Real Comparison (Reader Submission)

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Replica Louis Vuitton M44813 Multi Pochette Accessoires Review


Hello beautiful people!

Coming at you with another Louis Vuitton replica review – this time for the LV Multi Pochette Accessoires (M44813).

I have been meaning to find a bag specifically for walking the dog for a while. I know you would say there are plenty of dog walking bags with cheap prices and good functions, which is true and I don’t argue with that. But the problem is those usual nylon dog walking bags you often see are certainly not built for stylish (and I still wanted to look nice especially when we went to the park and wanna take pics LOL).

So the bag I was looking for should be slightly more attractive but not too “flashy” – ideally like my replica pochette metis as it matches most of the outfits but has separate spaces so I can separate my things with the dog’s things. (That’s the lightbulb moment when I realized I should look for it in my “beloved designer bag section” instead of keep searching on Amazon)

Anyway, since the bag was specifically for a purpose, that being said it’s going to be used mostly outdoors and in all kinds of weather and (let’s be real) is prone to mud, getting dog treats floating around it, and without doubt a fair amount of dog hair. For that reason, I once again got myself a fake LV bag. 

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Poshmark Scam – They Sent An “Authenticated” Fake Gucci Bag (READER SUBMISSION)


Hi, everyone! Welcome to another “Reader Submission”.

I must say that I was really surprised and shocked when I learned what happened to Nadia after reading her email.  She was trying to buy a Gucci Ophidia GG Shoulder Bag from Poshmark. And it turns out to be fake even though she was being careful about it.

Alright, I shouldn’t be jibber-jabber here. Let’s take a look at Nadia’s email for more detail about this “Poshmark Scam”.

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