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Must-Have Designer Handbags for Stylish Fall & Winter Wardrobe

This fall and winter, major brands are gearing up for some exciting new releases, with plenty of eye-catching designs! I bet all you bag-loving gals are about to suffer from some serious decision-making dilemmas again.

In today’s bible of fashion, I’ve curated the hottest and most noteworthy handbags of the season for you all. Take a look and see if any of them make you feel tempted to get your hands on them!





First, let’s take a look at the highly anticipated Chanel 23K Autumn/Winter collection handbags!

These bags gained immense popularity even before hitting the market, and as expected, they became incredibly hard to find once they were released.

The combination of the small top handle and the little flap design gives off an air of delicacy and cuteness that’s incredibly appealing.

Paired with the vintage trapezoid shape of the bag body and the diamond pattern elements, the overall look exudes Chanel’s usual elegance and sophistication.

This bag comes with a leather-threaded chain shoulder strap, allowing you to wear it across your body when needed.

However, the chain is quite long, so you’ll need to try it out to see what works best for you.

Even though it looks petite, this bag actually has a decent capacity!

You can easily fit a large smartphone, and it has room for other daily essentials as well. 

It’s worth mentioning that they also released a smaller chain clutch version of this bag, but it’s more of a “can’t fit anything, but cuteness” mini accessory collection.

This tiny one is incredibly adorable, just like a doll’s bag, and it’s exceptionally delicate and eye-catching!





Fendi’s new Origami bag is really trending right now!

You might be wondering why this bag is so popular when it looks ordinary. Well, it has a hidden trick – it can transform!

The bag has 8 magnetic closures at the opening.

When they’re snapped together, it’s a bucket bag, but when you open those magnetic closures, it transforms into a tote bag.

Pretty cool, right?

The design is incredibly clever, and both ways of carrying it are practical!

You can easily switch between different styles and carrying methods based on your outfit and mood, making it highly versatile.

It really feels like getting two bags for the price of one – such a great value!

Origami currently offers three sizes, and I highly recommend the mini size!

It combines affordability and practicality, and it looks incredibly cute too.

Plus, it’s more spacious than you might think!

It can easily fit a large smartphone, some daily essentials, and even a small bottle of water.

Apart from the mini size, the medium size is actually pretty great too!

It’s the most practical size in my opinion.

When it transforms into a tote bag, it can easily accommodate a 13-inch laptop.

While you might not always need to carry a laptop, having that option can be really handy when the situation calls for it.

The key feature of the Origami bag is its less common long shoulder strap tote bag style.

It’s great for everyday use, and even when you’re wearing thick coats or jackets during the autumn and winter, it won’t feel cramped or uncomfortable to carry.



Saint Laurent


Next up, let’s take a look at the LE 5 À 7 Soft Hobo, which has been quite the sensation this year!

This bag is a favorite among fashion-forward folks because it’s simple, chic, and incredibly useful.

The brand has been constantly innovating with this bag, offering various materials and sizes to keep things fresh. For instance, they recently released a larger size.

The bigger Hobo bag keeps rocking the same cool, good-looking, and handy vibes from before, but overall, it’s gotten even more stylish and chic! 

They’ve also launched a Shearling version for the Soft Hobo, perfect for fall and winter.

The furry Soft Hobo, in addition to its cool factor, now has a touch of adorable and cute charm.





The Dior Travel Nomad also introduced a fuzzy material, and the whole bag is round and adorable!

The subtle Macrocannage pattern on the bag not only adds recognition but also exudes a noble and elegant vibe.

Moreover, this bag is not just cute; it’s also quite practical.

The rounded and full-bodied design, coupled with the zip closure, makes it convenient for everyday use — spacious and secure at the same time.





If you’ve been on the lookout for a stylish and uniquely designed shoulder bag, then the Gucci Horsebit Chain is a great choice.

The oversized horsebit buckle paired with the trapezoidal shape gives it a distinctive and impactful look that’s full of personality.

And with the Horsebit Chain making a comeback, there are more options in terms of materials and colors.

Among them, I highly recommend getting your hands on the GG Supreme canvas version.

With the triple iconic elements of the double Gs, horsebit, and green-red-green webbing, this bag comes with a built-in sense of timeless classic.

It’s safe to say that once you own it, there’s hardly any risk of it going out of style.





Moving on to the queen of luxury bags—Hermes!

This fall and winter, my absolute favorite is the Teddy Kelly series, and they’ve even released the Mini Kelly II!

The rich brown suede combined with the white shearling trim is both charming and luxurious.

Apart from this one, there are actually two other heavy hitters in the Kelly family that have become incredibly popular this fall and winter!

One of them is the Kelly en Desordre, which was introduced by Hermes last fall and winter.

Honestly, every time I see it, I can’t help but think the designers were incredibly creative!

The double-sided asymmetrical structure is like dismantling the original Kelly and reassembling it with a built-in sense of unordered aesthetic.

The other one, Kelly Elan, has also been extremely popular since its release!

This bag perfectly continues the essence of Kelly in its details, exuding an elegant and dignified temperament.

However, the Kelly Elan adds a touch of casual charm compared to the classic Kelly.

Especially when paired with more casual outfits, using it can create a delightful and stylish sense of sophistication!

Moreover, as a relatively recent addition to the Kelly lineup, not many people have it yet. So, anyone carrying this bag right now looks pretty impressive!

Alright, that’s a wrap on the hottest bags for this fall and winter!

Among the ones mentioned today, which one is your favorite?


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  1. Ivt
    November 7, 2023 / 1:20 pm

    The Fendi one is perfect for when I’m traveling for work.

  2. blyou
    November 3, 2023 / 11:49 am

    Fall and winter are definitely the seasons to get a furry bag.

    • cuya
      November 5, 2023 / 10:25 pm

      Help, haha, I’ve totally fallen for the furry soft hobo style!

  3. Baylor
    November 1, 2023 / 8:22 pm

    After seeing this post, I went ahead and got the Gucci horsebit chain canvas bag. I absolutely love it!

  4. TT
    October 29, 2023 / 11:02 am

    The Fendi Origami is so much fun!

  5. Muireann
    October 28, 2023 / 5:33 pm

    Fendi Origami, YSL hobo, or LV Neverfull BB? How to choose!

  6. Azami
    October 27, 2023 / 4:36 pm

    Can’t find Chanel anywhere, all the popular styles are sold out.

  7. ann
    October 27, 2023 / 11:03 am

    The YSL Hobo made it to the list again, I’m thrilled! 🥳

  8. Charlize H
    October 26, 2023 / 10:03 pm

    I’m so into the bags in this season!


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