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Is it Illegal to Buy a Replica Bag?


Hey guys so this is a question that I often hear asked by people who are thinking about buying a replica bag and I just wanted to write a quick post on it to clarify it for those who do not know. It is 100% legal to purchase a replica handbag. What is illegal is selling it since the seller is knowingly infringing patents and trademarks of the authentic brands. So to clarify as long as you are not planning on setting up a replica shop (which I’m sure 99% of shoppers aren’t myself included – imagine all the risk!) you are fine to shop for replica handbags.

Another point often made by people who criticize those who buy replica bags are that apparently we are contributing to “terrorism”, “organized crime”, “slave labour” etc. I must say that these claims are enough to deter a naive individual, but if you know a thing or two about the world we live in you will realize that both replica and authentic items whether they be purses, shoes, or clothing have these negative effects. I remember recently reading an article about the company Zara (who knocks off many designer fashion looks and sells them for less, however does so under their own label) who employs individuals in factories where there are a lot of chemicals which lead a lot of the works towards developing some type of a respiratory condition that leads to early illness and death. The company will not even buy $0.06 face masks (yes that is right six cents) to prevent the inhalation of whatever it is causing the chemicals. I think that if we want to get into the ethics of what we buy there is a long list of items we need to cross of our lists in order to become conscientious shoppers and it is quite a long list. I think that the key issue with replica is the counterfeiting of trademarks and nothing more or less.

What is more important and something you need to worry about more is where you will shop to make sure you a) do not fall for a scam (as we know there are plenty of those on the online world), and b) you buy a good replica, and not just any old replica! If you would like you can feel free to browse the blog which is full of reviews submitted by various readers and myself which try to help everyone in the online world navigate the murky waters of replica! Leave a comment below to let everyone know what your favorite brand is and whether you prefer authentic purses or their replica counterparts!

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  1. Chris
    August 29, 2016 / 5:13 pm

    I have Been Teaching Business ethics in graduate School for years. Uncritical Designer Fans make me laugh with their child Labour Argument. Everybody unfortunately does it and the luxury Brands have had some of the worst scandals (because their Brand value Can take a Lot more Negativity than H&M – Or: their buyers will buy no matter what, sadly; Same with Apple ).

    The Birkin Is one of the few luxury items Handmade By a craftsman in Europe (so they say; Knowing of Chinese sweatshops in Italy, i Wonder if this Is the complete Story).

    EverYthing Else Is as shamefully Produced overseas, sometimes Worse (because the average luxury Buyer could cAre less ).

    Yeah. Replica destroy the World !

  2. Nika
    May 19, 2015 / 9:30 pm

    I completely agree with you! I think some people are delusional when it comes to thinking that the real bags are more ethical than the fakes!

    • Chris
      August 29, 2016 / 5:18 pm

      They want to believe so because they Spend so much . In Reality , they just give their luxury Brand owners surreal Margins for their average Product (that Is just as Asian Mass Produced as convenience Brands clothing).

      Birkins Are just an exception (See my Comment below – wie Know the craftsman supposedly Sits in Europe , nothing Else – there Are Chinese run sweatshops in Italy Producing Designer goods “Made in Europe “).


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