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Buying Replica Handbags Online? Here are Some Key Tips!

I was a newbie when it came to buying replica handbags online a while ago just like many others so I have compiled a list of what I think are the most important tips when it comes to buying anything replica (or not) online whether it be a handbag, shoes, watches etc. I would have personally found these tips very useful when I was new at buying replicas so I have posted them since I am often asked what tips are important! Read through and feel free to comment what you believe is more important when it comes to shopping for replicas online, or share any recent shopping experiences!

Tip #1: Don’t Fall in Love Too Quickly!

When you are shopping for replicas remember not to fall in love too quickly and make a purchase right away. Unfortunately since replica handbags are a more shady industry than stepping into a Louis Vuitton boutique for example and buying a bag in person, you need to always vet any store before you finalize a purchase with them! How can you vet them? Just do a quick online Google search to see if you can find any reviews!

Tip #2: Don’t Believe Just Any Review You Read!

When you do search reviews online make sure you also vet the blogger! Unfortunately there are individuals like Eva Knox who runs Pursevalley who owns the blog through which she promotes the site so there is some deception out there and you have to be careful when shopping to make up for sneaky individuals!

Tip #3: Look at the Quality Description on the Bag! 

When you are browsing a particular site make sure you look at the description of the products you are looking at to see what the level of quality of the handbags are. If you read my previous post called “The Art of Buying a Replica Handbag” you will find out that not all replica handbags are truly equal and you can definitely find some bags that are better while some that are worse! If you avoid qualities like AAA, and instead look to purchase the counter quality handbags you will save yourself a big headache and a lot of dollars, if you are after superfake handbags that is (a.k.a as good as the real deal)!

Tip #4: Communicate with the Seller!

See if the seller is responsive before you go ahead and place an order with them. If they are not responsive then you should avoid them as they could very well be scamming you. The more you vet the seller beforehand the less worry you will have afterwards!

Tip #5: Make Sure the Product Will Look Just Like the Photos!

Perhaps the most important tip is to make sure that the handbag will indeed look as advertised on the seller’s website. Many times sellers will put up one photo of a counter quality bag for example and then send you an AAA model. In order to avoid this you can send a message to the seller to make sure that they will indeed send a bag that looks like the photos advertised. Also reputable sellers usually indicate this on their website!

Tip #6: No Website? No Purchase. 

Always make sure that the seller you are interested in has a website through which you can link them and contact them if necessary. There are many cases in which people buy off a place like Instagram and then never see the light of their handbag or money again! Avoid shopping on social media generally as with a simple click an account name can be changed, or worse even completely deleted and you may lose complete trace of your order and money!

If there are any tips you do not see mentioned above but feel are important when buying replica handbags online feel free to comment below to share! 

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  1. Hannah
    May 14, 2015 / 8:15 pm

    Thanks for the tips they are so helpful! I am looking to buy my first fake LV online and am hoping to land a good one like you did!


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