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10 Ways to Tell if Your Chanel Bag is Fake (Real vs. Fake Comparison)

They say “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” but we say “hell hath no fury like a woman who just found out her bag is fake”. Perhaps it’s a bit of an exaggeration but we all can imagine the gut wrenching feeling of purchasing your dream Chanel bag only to find out it is a knockoff. Read our 10 key tips below to help authenticate your Chanel bag below.

1. Look at the leather!

Chanel bags are famous for the quality of their leather. Whether it be buttery smooth lambskin or pebbled caviar leather, the quality should be top notch. The same goes for their bags made with fabrics like tweed. Basically if the quality of the leather or fabric seems off it may be possible your bag is fake, especially if you purchased it as a gently used or new bag.

2. Look at the stitch count!

If your bag is an authentic Chanel it should have more than 10 stitches per inch. This is considered a high stitch count, and anything below this usually indicates the bag is fake. Replica manufacturers do not usually put the same care into crafting the bag as their authentic counterparts do, and in the case of Chanel specifically a low stitch count makes the bag look “puffier”. So grab your bag and start counting the stitches!

3. Look at the chain strap!

If all else seems good, the chain strap is usually what can best be used to differentiate between real and fake. The stitching on an authentic Chanel bag should be seamlessly done. There should not be any pieces of leather that stick out or look disfigured. Once again replica manufacturers usually do not put in as much care into their bags, so the leather in straps are often sewn unevenly and they look messy.

4. Look at the quilting!

The quilted pattern on a Chanel bag should remain consistent on the front and back. If you notice your quilting is not cohesive or all over the place you may have a fake.

5. Look at the lining!

As we have mentioned previously in other authentication guides, the interior of the bag is where replicas really dip in quality. Authentic Chanel bags have a leather interior so make sure it does not feel plastic-y and also make sure the lining fits perfectly inside the bag without bulging. The lining should not be loose and easily detach from the bag if it is real.

6. Look at the stamping!

Always make sure that the color of the stamping on the interior (where it says CHANEL) matches that of the hardware. If they are mismatched you definitely have a fake bag on your hands.

7. Look at the structure of the bag!

Authentic Chanel handbags are manufactured to be sturdy and have the ability to stand up straight. Make sure your bag seems well structured. Remember after all that Chanel puts a lot of time and effort into making sure they make high quality pieces which will last for years on end.

8. Look at the serial number!

Every Chanel bag should come with an authentication card (it looks and feels like a credit card) that contains a serial number which should match that of the hologram sticker placed within the bag. You can check both the card and sticker to make sure the numbers match. If your authentication card is giving off a rainbow-ish glow this means it is 100% fake. Please be aware that not all fake authentication cards necessarily have this effect, as replica manufacturers are becoming better at what they do.

9. Look at the CC lock!

The CC lock is one of the easiest things to look at to help authenticate your bag. Remember that the right C should always overlap on top and the left C should always overlap on the bottom. If your bag does not have a CC lock that overlaps this way it is 100% fake. The hardware on authentic bags also tend to be flatter at the edges whereas the hardware on replicas tend to have rounded edges.

10. Look at the dust bag!

If you receive a black dustbag with your purse make sure that the Chanel logo is printed using the proper font on the front of the bag. The logo should be centred as well. If the font seems off then it is likely the bag is fake.

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