Chanel Le Boy Bag: Everything You Need to Know Guide!


The Chanel Le Boy bag was destined to be an icon ever since its Spring 2012 release. Although it is still considerably new, the Le Boy has etched a permanent place in Chanel’s modern legacy, while still fitting in with Chanel’s classic lineup. The bag’s design is based on a hunting cartridge style originally carried by Coco Chanel herself.

The Chanel Boy bag is designed to embody the androgynous charm the designer herself was known for. Of his inspiration for the name, Karl Lagerfeld has said, “Chanel used men’s underwear to make dresses; she had this boyish attitude, in fact it is the very spirit of Chanel. She got it from Boy Capel, the great love of her life, which, incidentally, explains why the new bag is called the Boy Chanel.”

Aside from the historical precedent of the bag, the laid back bag’s appeal feeds into the younger millennial generation’s cravings for the brand, as continuous playful variations are released every season.

Below we have compiled a reference guide for your viewing pleasure in our Everything You Need to Know Guide for the Chanel Boy bag.


Small – Chanel Le Boy Bag


Size: 4.7 x 7.9 x 2.8 inches

Price: Starting from $4200 for Quilted Calfskin


Medium – Chanel Le Boy Bag


Size: 5.7 x 9.8 x 3.1 inches

Price: Starting from $4700 for Quilted Calfskin


New Medium – Chanel Le Boy Bag


Size: 6.9 x 11 x 3 inches

Price: Starting from $5200 for Quilted Calfskin


Large – Chanel Le Boy Bag


Size: 8.3 x 11.8 x 4 inches

Price: Starting from $5500 for Quilted Calfskin




Current Price


Chanel Small Quilted Boy Flap Bag $4,000.00 USD  7.9” x 4.7” x 2.8”
Chanel Old Medium Quilted Boy Flap Bag $4,200.00 USD 9.8” x 5.5” x 2.8”
Chanel New Medium Quilted Boy Flap Bag $4,600.00 USD 11” x 7.1″ x 3.5”
Chanel Large Quilted Boy Flap Bag $4,900.00 USD 12” x 8.3” x 3.5”


Celine Luggage Bag: Everything You Need to Know Guide!


The uber popular Céline Luggage bag series was part of Phoebe Philo’s first collection for the House of Céline once she took over as creative director in 2008. The bags feature pared-down, logo-free designs, and are distinguished by their easily identifiable shapes. Each season new iterations of these models are released, sometimes customized for specific regions or retailers. The Luggage bag series has a size for everyone including the Nano, Micro, Mini, and Phantom. This “it” bag is available in a multitude of colors and materials adding to their appeal.

Below we have compiled a reference guide for your viewing pleasure in our Everything You Need to Know Guide for the Céline Luggage bag series.

The Céline Luggage Bag


You can purchase the Céline Luggage series bag from an authentic consignment store online, or in person at a Céline boutique (or other authorized re-seller) near you.


Céline Nano Luggage Bag

Size: 20 x 20 x 10 cm (8 x 8 x 4 in)

Price: Starts at $2,700.00 USD

Céline Micro Luggage Bag

Size: 26 x 26 x 14 cm (10 x 10 x 6 in)

Price: Starts at $2,900.00 USD

Céline Mini Luggage Bag

Size: 26 x 26 x 14 cm (10 x 10 x 6 in)

Price: Starts at $3,100.00 USD

Céline Medium Phantom Luggage Bag

Size: 30 x 28 x 24 cm (12 x 11 x 9 in)

Price: Starts at $2,900.00 USD


Style + Size + Price Chart:


Current Price


Celine Nano Luggage Bag, Tricolor All leather $2,900.00 (USD) 8″ x 8″ x 4″
Celine Nano Luggage Bag with Suede Tricolor $2,850.00 (USD)  
Celine Nano Luggage Bag, All Leather $2,700.00 (USD)  
Celine Tri-color Textile and Calfskin Micro Luggage Bag $2,400.00 (USD) 10″ x 10″ x 6″
Celine Tri-color Felt and Lambskin Micro Luggage Bag $2,550.00 (USD)  
Celine Calfskin and Cotton Woven Micro Luggage Bag $2,650.00 (USD)  
Celine Smooth Calfskin Micro Luggage Bag $2,900.00 (USD)  
Celine Drummed Calfskin Micro Luggage Bag $2,900.00 (USD)  
Celine Tri-Color Smooth Calfskin Micro Luggage Bag $3,100.00 (USD)  
Celine Bi-color Bullhide Micro Luggage Bag $3,350.00 (USD)  
Celine Tri-color Baby Grained Calfskin and Nubuck Micro Luggage Bag $3,350.00 (USD)  
Celine Tri-color Glazed Calfskin Micro Luggage Bag $3,350.00 (USD)  
Celine Smooth Calfskin and Felt Micro Luggage Bag $3,400.00 (USD)  
Celine Goatskin Micro Luggage Bag $3,600.00 (USD)  
Celine Printed Watersnake and Calfskin Micro Luggage Bag $4,350.00 (USD)  
Celine Micro Luggage Bag, Python $6,200.00 (USD)  
Celine Micro Luggage Bag, Crocodile $35,900.00 (USD)  
Celine Smooth Calfskin Mini Luggage Bag $3,100.00 (USD) 12″ x 12″ x 7″
Celine Drummed Calfskin Mini Luggage Bag $3,100.00 (USD)  
Celine Palmelatto Mini Luggage Bag $3,450.00 (USD)  
Celine Tri-Color Baby Grained Calfskin/Nubuck Mini Luggage Bag $3,600.00 (USD)  
Celine Calfskin with Double Stitching Mini Luggage Bag $3,600.00 (USD)  
Celine Smooth Calfskin with Interstice Mini Luggage Bag $3,650.00 (USD)  
Celine Woven Mini Luggage Bag $5,200.00 (USD)  
Celine Python / Reptile Mini Luggage Bag $5,600.00 – $7,800.00 (USD)  
Celine Crocodile Mini Luggage Bag $35,000.00 (USD)  
Celine Textile Medium Luggage Phantom Bag $2,250.00 (USD) 12” W x 11” H x 9” D
Celine Washed Canvas Medium Luggage Phantom Bag $2,250.00 (USD)  
Celine Supple Calfskin Medium Luggage Phantom Bag $3,100.00 (USD)  
Celine Nubuck Stamped Crocodile Medium Luggage Phantom Bag $3,250.00 (USD)  
Celine Baby Grained Calfskin Medium Luggage Phantom Bag $3,400.00 (USD)  
Celine Felt Phantom Medium Bag $2,100.00 (USD)  
Celine Suede Phantom Medium Bag $2,950.00 (USD)  
Celine Python Phantom Medium Bag $6,200.00 (USD)  
Celine Bullhide Leather Phantom Medium Bag $3,450.00 (USD)  
Celine Stamped Croc Phantom Large Bag $3,750.00 (USD) 14” W x 13” H x 11” D


Bloggers & Celebrities Wearing the Celine Luggage Bag Series:

10 Ways to Tell if Your Chanel Bag is Fake (Real vs. Fake Comparison)


They say “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” but we say “hell hath no fury like a woman who just found out her bag is fake”. Perhaps it’s a bit of an exaggeration but we all can imagine the gut wrenching feeling of purchasing your dream Chanel bag only to find out it is a knockoff. Read our 10 key tips below to help authenticate your Chanel bag below.

1. Look at the leather!

Chanel bags are famous for the quality of their leather. Whether it be buttery smooth lambskin or pebbled caviar leather, the quality should be top notch. The same goes for their bags made with fabrics like tweed. Basically if the quality of the leather or fabric seems off it may be possible your bag is fake, especially if you purchased it as a gently used or new bag.

2. Look at the stitch count!

If your bag is an authentic Chanel it should have more than 10 stitches per inch. This is considered a high stitch count, and anything below this usually indicates the bag is fake. Replica manufacturers do not usually put the same care into crafting the bag as their authentic counterparts do, and in the case of Chanel specifically a low stitch count makes the bag look “puffier”. So grab your bag and start counting the stitches!

3. Look at the chain strap!

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7 Ways to Tell if Your Prada Saffiano Bag is Fake! (Real vs. Fake Comparison)



Prada, like most other designers, is plagued with the issue of fake or replica bags selling as the real deal. We’ve put together seven key tips to look for when looking to authenticate your Prada bag to make sure it’s not a knockoff!

7 Tips to Authenticate Your Prada Saffiano Bag:

1.Look at the stitching!

Authentic Prada bags have their stitching done at an angle. The stitching on authentic bags is also done with a thick thread. Most fake bags will use a flimsier thread and the stitching will usually be done straight. The stitching should also be singular and not double backed. Looking at these details requires a sharp eye and a magnifying glass in many instances as they are very easy to miss.


2. Look at the feet of the bag!

If your Prada bag comes with studs at the bottom (remember: not all Prada’s necessarily do), you will want to pay attention to the engraving on the studs. The word PRADA should be printed on the studs in the same font as used on the front of the bag. Replica manufacturers usually use a font that is off, or the printing is not done as crisply as the authentic counterpart’s.


3. Look at the leather!

The Prada Saffiano leather is a distinctive calf leather that is cross hatched. This calf leather is of the highest quality and the cross hatching on the bag is produced by a process in which the print is pressed onto the leather which is meant to coat the bag. Replica manufacturers may use real calf leather however they are usually not able to replicate the cross hatch design as accurately. This detail may seem minute but the photo below makes its importance clear.


4. Look at the logo!

Most fake Prada bags miss the curve on the letter “R” in the Prada logo. This is one of easiest ways to spot a fake Prada as you can simply compare the logo on your bag to to that of an original, or simply pull up the logo on the internet to see if it matches. The engravings on the logo should also be printed crisply and should present themselves as easy to read. The spacing between the letters is also important as many fake bags have crooked or uneven lettering which is a telltale sign of a fake.


5. Look at the lining!

Authentic Prada bags almost always have a signature lining that repeats the name of the brand continuously. Most fake bags have a similar lining however leave out the name of the brand. This is a really easy and quick way to spot whether your bag is a fake or not.


6. Look at the dustbag!

Authentic Prada bags come with a dustbag that is white in color and has the Prada logo printed on the front. If your dustbag is not white or has something else other than the simple Prada logo printed on it, your bag may be a fake!


7. Look at the authenticity cards!

The authenticity card for an authentic Prada bag usually comes sealed inside of a small envelope, which is usually black in color. The card contained in the envelope should have a serial number written on it that matches the serial number on the inside of the bag. If these two numbers do not match the bag is most likely a fake.

Purse 411: The Louis Vuitton Patina Process



If you are a first time Louis Vuitton buyer and you hear the word “patina” you may be thinking what the heck does that refer to? Well fret not, we’re here to tell all! The term patina actually refers to a process of leather darkening which occurs to the vachetta or untreated cowhide leather on your bag. Not all Louis Vuitton bags are made with untreated cowhide leather, so it is important to note that not every Louis Vuitton bag will undergo this process. The patina essentially refers to a darkening process which the leather undergoes as it is used over the years.

If you have purchased a new Louis Vuitton bag straight from the store you may notice that the leather trimmings on your bag are a rather pale beige. This color begins to darken over time eventually looking like a dark honey. The forces which cause your bag to patina are entirely natural: it includes oxidation, sunlight, oil from your skin, and dirt. We liken the patina process to that of aging a bottle of wine – both become finer with age. When you see a Louis Vuitton bag that has clearly patinated you know the wearer of the bag has had it for some time, and been through many adventures with the bag. The bag is literally marked by being exposed to your life.

One key benefit of a patinated bag is that you won’t be accused of having a fake bag as replica manufacturers traditionally did not make their bags with genuine cowhide leather, however this is not necessarily true anymore as fake bags become increasingly accurate. Generally speaking, some people like their bags patinated but others don’t. Some try to speed up the process while others try to slow it down. It really comes down to a matter of personal taste and subjectivity.

What do you personally think of the patina process? Sound off in the comments below.