The Art of Buying a Replica Handbag

prada handbag saffiano comparison fake vs real black

An AAA replica of a Prada Saffiano double zip tote and a counter quality version. The AAA was one of the first AAA replicas I bought and boy was the quality bad!

Replica handbags are oh so alluring. The idea of saving thousands while dropping only hundreds for a perfect copy of THAT bag you just saw in THAT designer boutique is enough to make anyone drool, myself included. However you shouldn’t think it is just that simple to purchase a replica. After shopping for replica for over 8 years (began of course when I was a not so wealthy teenager) myself I have realized there is an art to it just as there is as an art to anything else. You don’t just do a quick google search for “replica handbag” and purchase on the first website that pops up when it comes to replicas since there is a lot of investigation necessary to make sure the website you want to purchase from is legit and is not a scam that will rip you off!

First of all if you are going to purchase a replica handbag there is one thing I have realized throughout the years: you must be willing to take a risk. Yes purchasing replica handbags is very much like a game of Russian roulette; you can either get lucky or you can bite the bullet! For example many of the good sellers I have found only accept payment through money orders such as Western Union and although at first this frightened me greatly since I risked basically losing all of my money, I have grown quite comfortable with the process over time – I just always make sure to vet any seller/company before I actually send my payments through to avoid being scammed. The way I personally see it however is that after a few bullets you will get lucky and find a trustworthy seller or few who you can stick with and will take care of you! At least that is how it has worked out for me, although I am always open to finding better sellers who have more precise quality and work with better materials.

Another part of the art is to be able to recognize quality! This once again does come back to the trust between yourself and the seller however there are a lot of other factors which come into play as well! The most basic thing you can do is to check what quality the seller is advertising for their bags. There are several tiers of handbag qualities when it comes to replicas which include the A grade replicas which range from disgusting bags which scream 100% fake upon first glance, to bags which may have the form down but lack the quality in terms of materials. I personally stay away from any bags labelled AAA, AAA+, AAAA etc. since they usually equate to junk.

For myself personally when I am shopping for an item whether it be replica or authentic I like to make sure I get the cream of the crop; just because you are buying a knockoff does not mean you have to buy one that screams fake. The quality of bags that I personally purchase are strictly one to one or counter quality as they are called in Asia. The counter quality bags are considered bags which are good enough to be placed on the counter at Celine, Louis Vuitton, Prada etc. so those are the handbags you should aim for if you are after a replica or knockoff! Anything less and you will be feeling queasy, that is if you have any experiences with the authentic bags.

If you have never purchased a real designer handbag before the AAA might seem like amazing quality but once you get your hands on an authentic bag you will be able to see what you are missing out on, and you’ll never be able to look at the bag you just purchased in the same way. My first time I ever got tricked into buying an AAA purse was when I shopped on Ioffer a few year ago and I purchased a Prada Saffiano. The bag was adorable to me at the time, but once I stopped by the Prada boutique to see the Saffianos in person I was heartbroken as I realized I had spent so much money on a piece of absolute junk! Luckily I found a seller later on who sells amazing Prada’s and I will post a comparison between the two handbags for everyone to get a glance at the quality in depth. Overall as you may have realized by now purchasing replicas can be very rewarding (I’d like a single person who wouldn’t like to save thousands monthly especially if they are a fashionista like myself to comment below) but you just need to make sure you know the art of buying one well!


Another quality comparison between two Celine bags I have purchased. One is an AAA while the other is a counter quality – the difference is in the details even though both look similar from afar. If you are a detail oriented person it is always better to go for the counter quality bags as you most likely like myself don’t want anyone to think your bag is fake!

If you are looking for guidance feel free to screen through the reviews submitted by blog readers and myself posted on this website as a tool to help you!

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Can Fake or Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags Patina?

This is a question often asked by people who are looking into getting a fake Louis Vuitton purse, and I actually had the exact same question myself! Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to google any blogs back when I first started buying replicas so it was more of a trial and experience process for myself. I have purchased MANY Louis Vuitton fakes over the years and have definitely learnt a thing or two about what you can realistically expect from a faux bag.

The most important feature I would say to look for in a replica Louis Vuitton purse is the patina ability of the bag as this will tell you a lot about the quality of the purse overall. The patina basically refers to the ability of the handles to darken over time. My authentic Louis Vuitton purses patina beautifully in that the handles age over time and gain this darker look to them. This is basically one of the indicators as to how you can tell a new Louis Vuitton from an old or aged one. Below you can see a picture between my old LV Totally MM Monogram Canvas which has patina’d over a 6 month period vs the new Louis Vuitton Totally GM in Damier Azur I just received a few days ago from my latest order. I bought the bag for a trip and have abused it quite a bit but it has been an amazing travel bag and I would definitely recommend it! The two pockets on the side make it even an ideal diaper bag I would say if you have little ones and need a nice big bag to throw all of their junk into – I will definitely be using the Totally as a fashionable diaper bag if I am ever in the position to have little hands around!

Louis Vuitton bags look much more gorgeous with age, in my opinion at least. I personally don’t love the sight of a new Louis Vuitton with the super light handles as I don’t think it looks as sophisticated as bags with the patina that have an overall darker look. When you are shopping for a Louis Vuitton handbag whether it be real or fake make sure you check to the handles for the color to get an idea of the quality of the bag. If you are buying a fake the buyer or company should mention that the handles are made of real cowhide leather and thus able to patina. I have tend to found that if the bag is AAA it is usually made of plastic handles (I bought a horrible Speedy in the past that did not patina no matter what I did!) which do not patina but if the bag is a counter quality model then it is made of real cowhide handles and will patina. A bag that will not patina is a telltale sign of a fake handbag so stay away from any seller that does not promise or claim their bag will patina!

If you want your bag to patina more quickly there are a few things you can do including putting olive oil on the handles and leaving it out in the sun for a bit! You will notice the handles darken a bit and loose their super light color. Otherwise if you don’t want to force the patina you can just the bag be and enough use over several months will cause the color to naturally change on the handles. Overall remember that if you want to buy a fake or replica Louis Vuitton make sure the handles will be capable of patina-ing if you don’t want to waste your money!

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