New Column Ready to Launch: You Could Be Part Of It

Hey guys!

I’m thrilled to finally have some NEWS to share with all of you – I’m planning to launch a special column on my blog dedicated solely to reader emails (emails from YOU)!

Why I Am Doing This?

  • A Closer Connection: As a blogger, I believe that my readers are the heart of my blog, so I value the connection I have with them. Dedicating a whole section of their emails is my way of saying I appreciate their support and engagement.
  • Highlight Insightful Msgs: Every day I receive insightful and thought-provoking emails from my readers, and I want to create a space where I can highlight and share these messages to a wider range.
  • Community Building: I want my blog not only just about my own experience/review but also to serve as a platform/community for anyone who loves designer items to get involved and share their fun/painful experiences.
  • Inspiration Source: By sharing their stories, I can spark new ideas and perspectives for new posts, as well as inspire others to share their own experiences and insights.
  • Easier Access to Info:  Often times I notice one reader could face similar problems or situations that other readers have, by going through the section, they easily find other’s experiences so they could gain inspiration or avoid the same mistakes.

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