Goyard Saint Louis Tote: Everything You Need To Know Guide!

The Goyard Saint Louis Tote is one of the most functional designer totes out there. This very sought after bag perfectly blends together luxury and casual sophistication. The bag’s design is both simple and lightweight making it the perfect choice for those on the go that need a reliable bag to get them through the day. The chevron print coated canvas is available in a multitude of colors, and is complimented with leather trim detailing.

The Goyard Saint Louise Tote is available in two variations: one reversible (specifically called the Anjou Tote), and one non-reversible.

Below we have compiled a reference guide for your viewing pleasure in our Everything You Need to Know Guide for the Goyard Saint Louis tote.

The Goyard Saint Louis Tote


You can purchase the Goyard Saint Louis Tote directly from an authentic consignment store online, or in person at one of Goyard’s boutiques. Goyard states on their website that they do not sell their items online at all.


Goyard Saint Louis Tote – PM

Size: 11 W x 19 H x 6 D inches

Price: $1200 USD for Classic Colors, $1560 for Special Colors

Goyard Saint Louis Tote – GM

Size: 11 W x 19 H x 6 D inches

Price: $1375 USD for Classic Colors, $1795 for Special Colors



The Goyard Saint Louis Tote is made from cotten, linen, and hemp, known as Goyardine. There is also a coated layer in order to give the bag a leather like feel, which also provides the bag with more durability. The Goyard Anjou tote is similar to the Saint Louis Tote and is reversible meaning you can have 2 different looks with the same bag. The Goyard Anjou Tote is lined with leather resulting with an even more durable bag. One side consists of the Goyardine while the other side is simply a solid colored leather (as pictured below).

The Goyard Anjou Tote in more detail in the video below (via Addiction Agency on Vimeo):


Goyard Saint Louis Tote Interior

Goyard Anjou Tote Interior (Picture Credit: Feather Factor)

Celebrities Wearing the Goyard Saint Louis Tote

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