/ REPLICA SCAM LIST (must read!)

REPLICA SCAM LIST (must read!)

Why did I make this list?

Since I started The Purse Queen, reader after reader has shared with me their experiences of being scammed. These awful sellers sell replicas that are either subpar or, worse yet, non-existent, leaving us buyers with nothing but disappointment and anger.

This not only harms the shoppers financially but also gives a bad reputation to other honest replica sellers. That’s why I have started collecting some names and publishing them here.

I hope this opens up a great dialogue between shoppers and sellers and allows us to help warn shoppers to stay away from certain sites and sellers that have proven to be nothing but trouble!



What Sellers will be added to the list?

If a seller or website gets enough negative reviews I will add it to the scam list.

  • Don’t deliver on time(without reasons or advance notice) or at all
  • With poor customer service or who don’t respond to complaints
  • Ask for personal information or payments upfront
  • Use pics that don’t belong to them or sell items that don’t match the photos they display
  • Promise for high-quality products and charge a lot but end up selling items of low quality



List of Sellers/websites to avoid


I have received MANY negative reviews about sites called “ebag” “ebbaag” or any similar sounding name. They are a scam.

  1. They do not send anything because they have nothing to sell.
  2. The products pictured on their sites are stolen photos.
  3. Many have alleged they steal their identity and run phishing scams.

Save your money and yourself a headache and do not shop here. The negativity about this group of scammers is overwhelming enough to warrant a big warning!


A lot of people have sent their money in and then received no response from this company. It is a big SCAM.


Winnie Jim

  • Website:
  • Email: fashionreplicassale@gmail.com

I have received messages from blog readers being scammed by them. Any time you see the name Winnie associated with replica shopping it is most likely a scam – don’t buy!


Eva Knox

  • Website:

PurseValley has a bad reputation because of lots of negative reviews. The person behind it, Eva Knox (also known as Sophia Nolan), also had a blog called Spotbags. She and her “followers” wrote reviews on this blog to promote PurseValley.

  1. PurseValley never sent PSPs
  2. Charged way too much
  3. Often lied about the quality of their items
  4. Never follow their exchange and return policies
  5. In the worst cases, they even stole money from their customers

PurseValley was shut down in July 2017 after being busted by US and Chinese authorities, with Alibaba’s assistance. Fake sites emerged afterward, even though they were not run by Knox and her associates. It’s still wise to steer clear of these sites like pursevalley.ru and pursevalleyvip.cn for safety.



  • Instagram:
    • maison_legrande
    • lacrene_boutique
  • WhatsApp:
    • +1 440 435 8296
    • +1 438 300 2895
    • +1 406 282 3435
    • +1 667 262 0237
    • +1 415 429 5459
    • +1 417 815 1449
    • +1 249 200 0271

Jennifer is a bait-and-switch seller. She uses pictures of authentic products to trick people into buying low-quality items.

Many people have said that when they finally got the bag they ordered, it was the wrong size, and it didn’t look as good as it did in the pre-shipment video. And she often ignored customers’s messages.

She even changed her Instagram username at least five times when she realized she had been exposed.

Former Instagram names – jenys_boutique, luxurypoints, by_lynnie, j.luxury, hermes_xo, luxurygemsss, and likely more


Annie Lin

  • WeChat
    • Lucy-love-duo
    • LYC13148866

Annie Lin is a seller of replica jewelry who took money from a lot of customers.

People have said that after getting PSPs, Annie stopped communicating and ignored all the messages that followed. Many buyers have lost a lot of money dealing with her. It’s not just that you might get a lower-quality product; in many cases, you won’t get anything at all.



  • Email:
    • Feyrehqbags@hotmail.com
    • Feyrehreppqbags@gmail.com

Feyre had told buyers that she was located in Turkey and claimed that because it was close to Europe, all the leather used to make the bags came from France or Italy. However, the packages were actually sent from Vietnam. After a long wait, when the buyer received the package, it was clear at a glance that it was low-quality.



  • WeChat: netrimvb
  • WhatsApp: +86 151 1735 4001

Based on the emails I have received from readers, there were two cases where customers didn’t get their orders. In one situation, Kinga blocked a customer on WeChat when she asked for help because her package might have been lost or seized.

In another order, she didn’t give the tracking number or any evidence that she shipped the bag.

Other than that, she never responded to any messages sent through WeChat and WhatsApp once received the money.


Instagram replica sellers to avoid:

  • bstdesignergguw83
  • sunshie707jewlery
  • Nuyyu8827d


The following websites/sellers have all been submitted by readers, and I have already posted:


aaapurse.ru: aaapurse.ru Replica Neverfull Review – Fake vs Real Comparison

Poshmark: Poshmark Scam – They Sent An “Authenticated” Fake Gucci Bag

Copycat France: Copycat France Review: Replica Dior Saddle Bag

Babareplica: Babareplica Review: Replica LV Petit Noé Bag




Red flags to look out for when shopping

  • Suspiciously low prices
  • Lack of contact information
  • No return or refund policy
  • Poorly written product descriptions or listings
  • Poorly designed or outdated website



What to do if you’ve been scammed?

There is still hope if this is your situation:

  1. Product quality is far below your expectations
  2. Received the wrong items
  3. Product didn’t deliver on time

Talk to the sellers to find out what happened and try to negotiate with the seller to see if it’s possible to get part of the refund.

If the seller stops responding, to be honest, there is not that much you can do to get the money back, but I encourage you to comment below about any sites that have ripped you off while shopping for a replica of any kind whether it be a handbag, shoes, or even a watch.

Moreover, you can also email me at thepursequeenreviews@gmail.com  with pictures and details and I will post it on the blog for all to read!




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