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Replica Chloé Small Woody Basket Bag Review

So, there’s this Chloe Small Woody Basket Bag I really had my eyes on, and I was totally cool with paying the full price for it because it’s not crazy expensive.

But then it hit me that the bag is more of a summer thing. Also, it’s mostly made out of raffia. So in the end I decided to reach out to one of my usual sellers (designerdiscreet) to see whether they have it and fortunately, they did!

I got my hands on this Chloe replica bag back in early May this year, and I’ve been rocking it nonstop. It was basically my go-to summer bag. I even took it with me to the grocery store, so you can imagine how much I’ve used this bag.

Now that I’m planning to store it away until next summer, I thought it’d be a good idea to share my thoughts with a review.

Design & Features of Chloe Woody Basket

Let’s talk about the design and the features of this beautiful Woody Basket first.

Handle:  The wide handle is made of canvas material, and there’s the black Chloe logo on it.

Pouch:  Inside the basket, there’s this pouch that’s attached and can’t be removed, so you don’t have to worry about it falling out.

Storage:  The pouch is pretty roomy. You can easily stuff in your phone, wallet, sunglasses, and probably three other accessories or more to fit in here. It’s a nice size for a small purse.

Top:  One cool thing they did was adding a way to secure the top, which is a pretty neat touch.

Bottom: At the bottom, there is the round leather piece with the Chole logo, adding a distinct visual element to the basket’s design.

Strap:  Lastly, there’s the leather strap. It’s fixed and can’t be adjusted or taken off.

Wearing Options: You’ve got three options for wearing it – holding it in your hand, slinging it over your shoulder, or wearing it cross-body.

Review of My Fake Chloe Bag

Quality: 9.5/10

This bag is seriously gorgeous. Since the bag is made of natural fiber, it doesn’t have any smell. The whole basket body of the Chloe knockoff bag is also quite firm and structured.

And get this, even after I put it through a crazy amount of use for like 3 months straight, those leather straps still look flawless. Not a single scratch on them.

The handle (the part with the Chloe stamp) is top-notch too. Despite going through a lot of action, the lettering hasn’t lost its color one bit. It’s still in mint condition, just like it was when I first got it.

I docked half a point because the raffia did stretch a bit, but I’m pretty sure that’s on me. I did load it up with a bunch of stuff more than once.

I also spot a few discrepancies on the weave, but as far as I know, it also happens a lot on the genuine basket bag. So, I’m not knocking off any points for it. Plus, considering it’s a hand-woven item, I think a bit of variation is totally fine and acceptable.

Accuracy: 9.8/10

The dimensions of my fake Chloe basket bag are pretty accurate.

– Width: 6.5″
– Height: 6.3″
– Depth: 6.4″
– Handle drop: 6″
– Strap drop: 19″

I get it might sound wild, but I can’t spot a single thing that’s off about this Chloe knockoff bag compared to the real deal. Honestly, I didn’t really dive into any extensive research either, because the moment it showed up, it was a dead ringer for the original bag I saw at the store. 

All the details are done nicely.

Satisfaction: 10/10

I’ve been getting a ton of compliments whenever I’ve had this Chloe replica on. It’s really lovely and suits those hot summer outfits perfectly. Whether I’m out running errands or hanging out on terraces enjoying a drink, it’s been my go-to. I’ve definitely given this Chloe replica bag a good amount of use, and it’s still looking as perfect as ever.

Pros & Cons of Chloe Small Woody Basket

Just to make things easier, I’ve also made a list of the pros and cons of the bag that you can check out.


  • Ideal summer bag.
  • It’s super light on the go.
  • The materials are eco-friendly.
  • Versatile wear with 3 different options.
  • Quick and easy to grab stuff with the open top.
  • Fits all my daily gear without a hitch.
  • The drawstring lock adds a nice secure touch.
  • Able to stand still nicely by itself.


  • The leather strap isn’t adjustable or removable. (Try before you buy, folks!)
  • Watch out when rocking it crossbody – it’s wider than your usual crossbody bag, so you might accidentally bump into others or doors.

So, to wrap it up, I’m totally happy with this fake Chloe Small Woody Basket Bag. I’m actually relieved I didn’t go for the genuine one because this Chloe replica is spot on. I’m already pumped for next summer to roll around so I can rock this bag again!

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  1. Gracie
    September 15, 2023 / 7:14 pm

    I love a bucket bag! Thanks for turning me on to this one 😊

  2. Kassiani
    September 15, 2023 / 12:09 pm

    Obsessed with this bag! Perfect summer bag imo. You’ve definitely influenced me!

  3. Myla
    September 14, 2023 / 9:49 am

    So pretty!! Thank you for sharing 🙏🏽Can’t wait for summer!

  4. Opal
    September 13, 2023 / 1:04 am

    I tried searching the blog but couldn’t find details; would you mind doing a post about the ins and outs of how to safely do a wire transfer when purchasing from places such as DD? Also, I would love to get some more how tos with your go to site for Chanel reps. 10Q! 😘


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