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Some of my replica bag/handbag collection so far!! Crazy how these bags are worth over $40,000 USD at their retail price when I got them for a 10th of that as replicas!

Hi guys! I get a lot of emails about what sites I recommend for buying replica bags and here are some dealer/sites I shop with right now. I try to update the list from time to time but keep in mind I buy replicas about 3-4 times a year in big hauls so I don’t update the list every second.

Please keep in  mind these are just places I have experience with hence why I recommend them BUT at the end of the day you should shop with whoever you feel comfortable with and make sure to be smart and intuitive when making your decision so you don’t get burned. The key point of this blog is to point out differences you should be looking for between real and fake bags which you can use whilst shopping generally.

Presently, I don’t shop on IOffer, Aliexpress, or social media because I have been burned through them (as have a lot of other blog readers) and they are really hit or miss.

Personally I prefer to go after websites or individual dealers where I can establish a relationship with one specific replica seller (or a few) and have a good sense that I will get a good quality product every time. Anyways these are some of the sites I have had luck with right now. If you have any sites to recommend please email me or comment below and send a review!

NO SPAM from replica sellers please; this is for replica shoppers only and we want to keep it ad free!

Website Sellers I have tried:


This site doesn’t have many brands but their Celine is awesome!

Thanks to the blog commentor who let us know their URL has changed. I’ve shopped here a lot in the past. They sell pretty much everything.

They specialize in top quality Hermes bags, and the quality is phenomenal although they are pricey!

They specialize in Louis Vuitton bag’s as their name suggests, and have some Gucci on their site as well! Their Louis Vuitton is on point!


Non-Website Sellers I have tried: – a dealer that specializes in Hermes

the purse queen replica bag collection
Another shot of some of my replica handbag collection!

Below you will find a list of all the specific bag reviews I have done, which may help you in the quest for your perfect bag!


Bottega Veneta:








Louis Vuitton:


Yves Saint Laurent:



  1. Hello, was wondering whether anyone has tried purchasing from celebsbound ? According to some reviews, they make the best Birkin replicas.

    • Hi hun,

      Their price is a lot higher than other Birkin makers that also have strong reputations, and the only review I see is one on their site which could possibly be written by themselves. I have personally never heard of them before and after doing some searching can’t find any viable reviews on them so I’d be a little wary however if you try them let us know how it goes!

  2. Hi i need help, I read the message from someone for Replica bag the name is Jo
    I want to tried buy from her? His?
    The Chanel bag.
    Is anyone order from her/him?
    When she/ he sent the picture look like nice.
    But I’m worried is this is scammed.
    Please help me
    Thank you

  3. Hi there ! I’m thinking of making a purchase of an LV , however I’d like to purchase one that actually comes with a box and dust bag . Do louismirror ship their bags with the brand name box as well ! Please Excuse my English . Thanks a lot dear !

    • Hi Kaya,

      I would suggest you ask any seller you shop with directly as to what the bags come with hun. 🙂

    • Hi Sarah,

      On the scam sellers page there were some negative stories by some shoppers claiming they did not get what was advertised, so I’d be hesitant to shop with them. If you try them and it turns out to be different please share with us! 🙂

  4. Hello !! Did you ever buy anything from How the quality matches ? the stitching, logo fonts and etc?? Could you please help me>?

    • Hi Caue,

      I actually have a review on PerfectHermes you see by clicking here. I loved the bag I got from them and will be ordering a new custom replica Birkin and Kelly from them to do an even more thorough review this Spring (to compare with other sellers) and share it with you guys!

  5. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of being able to buy designer replica handbags. But the sites that do have these bags are they not violating the federal trade law. I myself eventually would love to start my own website with replica handbags, maybe with that I can retire early.

    • Hi hun,

      The sellers are definitely infringing intellectual property, but hey we’re just buying them! And many ladies, myself included, own authentics too. Some people get duplicates of their authentic bags as replicas so their authentic bags don’t age quickly, or if they want to test out the bag before dropping the big bucks so there’s plenty of reasons to buy either way! However I’d never suggest you sell bags because it is illegal and not worth the trouble hun – pursue a different career instead!

  6. Do you know of any counter quality replica sellers that accept credit cards? I refuse to pay by Western Union/Money Order or Bank Transfer. That leaves me with no recourse should I not receive the item or it’s not as described. It’s the same as sending cash to some far of overseas seller, possibly never to be seen again!

    • Hi Josh,

      I totally understand how you feel but as I’ve mentioned in many blog posts buying replicas usually involve taking a gamble when it comes to the payment methods. You just need to be sure that the seller you are buying from is reputable and trustworthy – if they are you should not lose your money.

  7. How long does it take to receive a bag from Designer Discrete? Also, how did you pay them? Sending an international wire seems off to me.

    • Hi Cortney,

      I have paid with WU in the past when shopping with them. Buy replicas is a risky game so you need to be prepared to send money via less traditional methods, but I totally understand how you’d feel uncomfortable with this if you’re a newbie replica shopper! At the end of the day you have to go with your instincts! 🙂

  8. Hi, I would love ur suggestion on girolata damier azur canvas and girolata mahina leather, and matching wallet. Does DD or LM is better for this model? Thank you so much for ur help. PS. LOVE what u doing for us

  9. I am not having a good experience with bags-vista. I placed my order during CNY. Horrible communication and they requested a screenshot of my WU transaction (which I declined). I have to email Emilie daily for a status.

    • Hi Melodie,

      I haven’t heard of them but by clicking on their site their layout seems like a Pursevalley copy in terms of appearance so I’d hesitate to trust them since a lot of people got scammed with Pursevalley, and this company may be another imitator! If you do try them let me know how it goes! 🙂

  10. Hi, I recently bought a chanel bag and wallet and the quality was surprisingly good! only difference i could spot was that the serial number font was different. Website is hard to navigate tho, and cant search for a specific bag that you’re looking for. Other than that, I had a great experience and just wanted to share!

    • Hi Grandma,

      I have personally used WU when shopping with replica sellers since it’s the most quickest method, and have been fine. You just need to make sure you trust whoever you are sending it to by searching for reviews/scoping out the company! 🙂

  11. Hi!
    Just a question about the Louismirror site. How do you know if the bags they’re showing aren’t replicas, but the authentic bags? They all look so real it’s hard to believe the quality will still be the same if I purchase one. Have you bought any from them and we’re they as close to authentic as they show in the pics?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Jasmine,

      I can tell based on the photos because they are taken in a way that authentic boutiques would never photograph their bags! You can always ask them for photos from other clients orders I guess to help you vet them out! 🙂

    • Just was seeing if you made a decision to purchase with this company as I was thinking about it. Thoughts?

  12. Hey, I am looking for a mirror replica of Bottega Veneta’s knot clutch. I have checked designer’s discreet but the lining inside of the clutch showed that it was a replica.

    • Hi A.Q,

      I don’t think that bag is popular enough to have an exact replica of it out there in the market so I’d stay away if you were looking for an exact replica! Even the Bottega Venetta replica I have (Olimpia bag) does not have a 10/10 lining even though the exterior is great (you can read the review here), so Bottega Veneta replica bags are not 100% perfect in my opinion. Hope this helps! 🙂

    • Hi Charlotte,

      I actually didn’t notice that – since we aren’t putting in credit card information so I don’t think it matters since that is what the secured symbol is for. If you ever visit a site that is unsecured and asks for your credit card information then you should immediately exit since that is a major red flag!

  13. Hi! I am thinking of buying from Luxurytastic. Do you have any experience with them or londonium_official_prices on insta? Hey Sam Loves says she buys her bags from them. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I am strictly looking for Chanel:)

    • Hi Hillary,

      I personally have never shopped with them, however I have seen the youtube video where their bags are shown. I do remember stumbling upon a negative comment in the Scam Sellers page on this blog where a blog reader mentioned they had a negative experience with them. In relation to what you’re looking for you can see it discussed more here If you do give them a shot let us know!

    • Hi Anni,

      D&G is not as popular of a replicated brand as of late so I personally think you will struggle to find a high quality replica of this bag so I’d personally stay away. What model were you specifically looking for? That might help me give you a more absolute answer! 🙂

    • Hi Loueen,

      If you scroll up you will see A LOT of LV reviews on particular bags by many sellers. I would suggest you simply look at those in order to determine a good Louis Vuitton replica seller! Also DD stands for Designer Discreet which I have reviewed on this blog a few times as well!

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