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Part of My Replica Bags Collection – Crazy how these replica bags are worth over $40,000 USD at their retail price when I got them for a 10th of that amount!


Hi guys! 

I’ve been getting loads of emails asking about sellers/websites I suggest for getting replica bags, and there are also plenty of questions about how good certain sellers are or who’s got the best quality. I totally get where they’re coming from.

If you’re hunting for a perfect replica bag, you will find plenty of options out there, which can be tricky to figure out where to start. I know how frustrating it is to waste time and money on bad sellers.

So I think it’s a good idea to write a post sharing my thoughts on factory and seller quality for “educational purposes”.



      Table of Contents



Before continuing:

I just want to say a big thanks to all of you awesome readers out there. Your support means the world to me, and I’m thrilled to have such a dedicated bunch of followers.

However, I’d like to clarify a few things:

  • While I do my best to provide info and answer your burning questions, I’m only one person running this blog, and life can get pretty hectic.

  • So, if I don’t get back to you right away or update my list of recommendations immediately after buying something, please cut me some slack. Writing blog posts, snapping pics, and sharing my experiences all take time. (Passionate readers are what keep me going! 🙌)
  • Since I can’t handle every single question from everyone, I’d encourage you to explore my blog – there’s a ton of useful info in there that can probably help with 95% of your queries. But if you still have questions after reading, feel free to drop them in the blog comments or shoot me an email at thepursequeenreviews@gmail.com.

  • I encourage you to leave your questions on the blog so that everyone can join the discussion. You can get more help not just from me but also from others, especially when I’m not online.


Before You Make Any Purchase Please Keep In Mind That:

  • I don’t promote or sell any items

The key point of this blog is to share my experiences and reviews of Authentic and high-quality Replica Designer Handbags.

I’ll also provide some guidance such as pointing out differences you should be looking for between Real vs Fake bags, along with some Fashion Trends information and Mails From Readers.

  • Proceed with great caution and vigilance

The replica industry is generally sketchy. Don’t be a naive shopper otherwise, you will get scammed easily.   

Caught in a scam? Check out this Replica Scam List.

  • Make sure to be smart and intuitive when making your decision

These are just places I have tried and have good experience hence why I recommend them BUT that doesn’t mean they’re the right fit for everyone.

When shopping, make wise decisions based on your specific needs, budget, and preferences.

At the end of the day, you should shop with whoever you feel comfortable with and don’t get burned.


Once again, a huge shoutout to you all for your understanding and support. Let’s keep the learning and sharing going strong in this fantastic blog!


Before I share my trusted seller list, don’t rush.

Take a moment to read through the following information.

It will help you get the best replica designer bags.



What’s the process for getting the best replica bags?

  • Set your own standards.
    • How close to perfect does this replica bag have to be for you?
    • Are you okay with shelling out some extra cash if it guarantees every detail is spot on?
    • Or are you willing to trade a bit of quality for a lower price?
    • Does service matter to you?
    • What does “the best” actually mean in your book?
  • Keep in mind that nothing is perfect, and a higher price doesn’t always equal a superior product.
  • Read some reviews and have a chat with different replica designer bags suppliers to figure out which ones meet your standards the best.

  • Buy your dream bag!



Why does picking the right seller matter?

Choosing the right replica designer bags suppliers when you’re buying replica handbags is a big deal. It affects your whole shopping experience and what you actually get for your money.

  • Trustworthy sellers provide high-quality replica bags that look and feel like authentic ones in terms of craftsmanship and materials.

  • If you go with the wrong seller or just dive in without doing your homework, you’re likely to end up with low-quality stuff that doesn’t look or feel right, and that’s just throwing money down the drain.




What makes a seller eligible for the list?

  • Good communication:

I care a lot about customer service because I believe that if a seller/company takes care of its customers then it likely takes pride in the quality of its products.

I just don’t understand why certain sellers can’t or don’t want to communicate clearly.

  • Highly professional:

There are sellers who don’t seem to know much about bags at all. It’s not a big deal for beginners, but I can be a bit picky.

I like to throw some pretty advanced questions their way, like:

      1. What is the exterior/lining material of this replica bag?
      2. Are there options for handcrafted bags, and how do they differ?
      3. Does its interior structure meet my organizational needs?

If they can’t answer those, I get the feeling they’re not all that professional.

  • Upfront & honest:

I don’t mind waiting for a special order bag, even if it takes several months – really, I don’t. But don’t lie to me it’s going to be here in just two weeks.

I don’t like sellers who talk big but can’t deliver. It’s understandable if it happens once, but if it’s a recurring thing, it’s time to say goodbye.

You can rest assured that scammers who disappear after taking money will never make it onto my list. Likewise, those who boast about selling high-quality items but actually offer mid or low-tier stuff will also be considered scammers in my book.

  • Multiple mentions by many (readers):

If a seller has been repeatedly mentioned and highly praised by readers on my blog, I definitely pay attention. But to make sure it’s not just hype, I put it to the test myself:

When a seller has a good reputation but is new to me, I still play it safe.

I start with a small item, like a wallet or a mini bag (they’re relatively cheaper, so even if things go south, I don’t lose much).

I strongly recommend you do the same, even if it’s a seller I’ve recommended. After all, it’s your hard-earned cash, and you should be accountable for it.




WHERE DO I BUY designer bags replica?

Presently, I don’t shop on IOffer, Aliexpress, or social media because I have been burned through them (as have a lot of other blog readers) and they are really hit or miss.

I prefer to go after websites or individual dealers where I can establish a relationship with one specific replica seller (or a few) and have a good sense that I will get a good quality product every time.

Even though I have my go-to sellers now, I still enjoy discovering more excellent replica designer bags suppliers. If you have any sites to recommend please comment below or email me and send a review (DON’T FROGET PICS)!

Having more options is always a good thing, but it’s not like I want to try each one out myself. Having your experiences as a reference helps avoid some pitfalls.


NO SPAM from replica sellers please.

This is for replica shoppers only and we want to keep it ad-free!



I try to update the list from time to time but I don’t update the list every second.

Anyway, these are some of the sites I have had luck with right now.

Currently, it seems only DD has the most brand options, others are specializing in one or two brands.


What They Sell: They specialize in Hermes Birkin & Kelly bags

Their bags are handmade and require customization. The quality is phenomenal although they are pricey and have a waiting period. As a bag enthusiast like me, it would be great if they had some bags in stock! 

Hannah is a true expert in Hermes products; she’s super professional and can address all my doubts as a picky customer.

Update: According to feedback from readers, they now have some bags readily available, which is fantastic!


  • Olga – counterluxury.cn – SITE CLOSED

What They Sell: This site doesn’t have many brands but their Celine is awesome!


Customer service is very responsive. I’ve tried their Gucci and Balenciaga items, and they left quite an impression.


What They Sell:

They offer designer bags from various brands. 

Over time, the options have expanded, and they now offer a wide range of products, including shoes, clothing, accessories, and watches.

But so far, I’ve only bought their bags. (Anyone who has tried other stuff give me some feedback?)

The customer service rep used to be Emily, I’ve known her for years, and she has always been incredibly enthusiastic. But she resigned. (I miss her.) Now we have Lily. She is also great, and very patient.

I’ve shopped here a lot in the past, and this website remains my most frequented one.

Since 2014, I’ve been ordering from them. During this time, they had a website closure and changed their address, which almost caused us to lose contact.

There were also some scammers pretending to be them (a big thanks to the readers for the warning!). To avoid losing touch in the future, I kept their WeChat contact, ensuring I wouldn’t get lost again.



Be aware, friends – there’s fake DD out there.

A few readers have already contacted me about it and I also saw some comments about it. Some people are getting scammed by lookalikes. You’ve got to be careful and make sure you know the difference:

    • The original website name of real DD was: designerdiscreet.ru
    • Then the fake DD came out: designersdiscreet.ru (added an “s” in the middle, which is quite hard to spot)
    • So real DD added the “-bags” to their website, making it easier to see the difference.

I will put real DD’s link here again: https://designerdiscreet-bags.ru/.


  • James – HermesSeller – has the following sites:  Louis Vuitton – louisvuittonreplicas.cn; Other Brands – bellabags.ru

What They Sell: Specializes in quite a few brands – look above for details!


Lots of readers have given them the thumbs up, and I also gave their wallets a shot, and they didn’t disappoint.


What They Sell: They specialize in Chanel bags. They also offer some Chanel jewelry and shoes.

Their collection of Chanel bags is impressive. While I haven’t explored their jewelry and shoes yet, I’m more than satisfied with the quality and variety of their Chanel bags. Maybe in the future, I’ll give their other products a try too!


What They Sell: They specialize in Louis Vuitton bags as their name suggests. They also carry some other brands like Gucci and YSL.

Their Louis Vuitton items have left a lasting impression on me, and I have also tried other brands’ bags and found them to be pretty good too.

Update: I have placed an order for their Gucci sneakers.


  • repaporter.com – SITE CLOSED

What They Sell: They have a little bit of everything.


Their LV bags have also left a good impression, but I haven’t had a chance to write about them yet.


  • Kaye –kayezhangbag.x.yupoo.com

What They Sell: They specialize in Hermes.


Looking for authentic bags? 

Click here to see my list of recommended authentic designer bag sellers! Don’t forget to check the authentic bags reviews first!



How to order replica bags online?

Before you dive head first into buying a replica, you must know that your package may be seized upon entry into your country by Customs.

Every single purchase is a gamble and you must be at peace of losing ‘X’ amount of dollars. So purchase carefully and do not spend more than you can comfortably lose. Many sellers offer insurance, and I recommend it.

Most sellers use albums, or better yet, websites, to display what they can source but they also get bags not on their album. You just have to ask. Additionally, you can also send them a picture of a bag you’re looking for. They will be the best source to find it for you.


Here are step-by-step instructions of ordering from a seller:

  1. To place an order through the seller’s website, first read their return and exchange policy. If it looks good to you, choose the products you like and add them to your cart like your normal online shopping. Then, just wait for their response.

  2. If the seller doesn’t have a website, they usually provide a product album. This can be a bit confusing for newbies. How do I place an order? Don’t worry, just get in touch with them.
  3. What if you can’t find the product you want? Again, contact the seller. And send them the product code/picture/link of what you’re looking for. (Many times, when I buy something on a whim, I’m too lazy to check the website or the album. So, I usually just send pics and ask the seller if they have it in stock.)

  4. Ask for PSPs (pre-shipment photos). This is important when dealing with a seller for the first time. (After establishing a good buying relationship, I usually don’t request them anymore. I prefer that they ship the items to me quickly rather than waiting for my confirmation unless the product initially doesn’t look quite right in the product pics. In that case, I’d ask to see pics before shipping.)

  5. Once you GL (green light or approve) the PSPs, the seller will ship the product directly to you. Your goods will have to travel past China Customs, possibly another country, before entering and making past Custom. If seized, sellers usually have a seizure policy. It might be beneficial to know them beforehand.

  6. Be patient for the tracking number, a week would be sufficient for the seller to obtain your tracking number so please be patient. Sometimes it takes over a month for your item to arrive.
  7. To be extra careful, you can choose to use unbranded boxes and change addresses (hey mom, can I ship something to you?) once in a while to avoid detection if you have a rep shopping addiction.

  8. Once you receive your beauties remember to come back here and post your pictures and some feedback! We love to share around here!




Which seller is better?

For me, this question is impossible to answer because it’s entirely subjective. What may be crucial details to one person might not matter at all to someone else.

Different sellers/factories have their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to major details (like leather, proportions, and all external features) and minor details (like the shape of a clasp, font on the serial number tag, etc.).

That’s why it’s important to read all the reviews you can find about the style (brand) you’re interested in so you can make informed decisions.

Yes, it takes effort, but if you want the best or the best value, don’t stop researching.

If the suppliers or sellers have different brands and styles, it’s not really comparable.


My advice?

  • Do some seller comparisons and have a good chat with them.
  • Check out my detailed replica bags reviews below to see if I’ve already tried the style you’re interested in. It could save you some time and effort.


The truth is YOU are the one who decides which seller is better.

You can read a glowing review about a specific bag from a certain seller, but someone else who bought the same bag from the same seller might not share the same enthusiasm.

We’re often our own toughest critics, so we need to evaluate our own needs before diving into the world of replicas. Plus, not all bags are flawless 1:1 replica designer bags; they can have minor imperfections.




A seller gets good reviews for a bag = their other stuff is equally good?

Nope, don’t assume that everything will be perfect across the board. As I mentioned before, sellers can’t dictate the quality or accuracy of the items they’re selling.

Yes, sellers choose what they offer based on their own criteria. They can also do their own QC and have their own standards. Each of them has their own definition of “best” quality.

You should still do your own quality check. Sellers have a wide range of brands and bags, and they may not spot if, for instance, the Chanel stamp font is off.

Protect yourself by understanding what’s accurate. They’re not trying to deceive you; they just can’t cross-check every bag with Fashionphile, TPF, or designer sites to ensure perfection.

As an example, I’ve bought many things from DD, and I trust their opinion & can provide me with excellent service and products.

So, when I was planning to get a Hermes bag and asked them about a Birkin, they sent me some product photos. I noticed that the stamping was a bit blurry (I can be pretty nitpicky).

Even though DD said they could fix the stamping, after doing some more research, I decided to go with PH. I know DD wasn’t trying to sell me something of lesser quality; they’re still good. 

What I want to stress here is that just because a seller has one good item doesn’t mean everything they offer will be equally great. Like when I was looking for a high-quality handmade Hermes bag, I’d go to a more specialized seller for supreme quality, even if it meant paying more.




How to find reliable replica designer bags suppliers?

Some buyers have their go-to sellers they trust because they’ve had good experiences. They’re like, “Why fix what ain’t broke?”

On the other hand, you might be up for trying out new sellers. Just ’cause someone’s not on my list doesn’t automatically mean they’re shady.

But there are risks out there. Even the sellers who have been widely regarded as trustworthy can turn out to be not-so-honest. They could swipe your cash or do a bait and switch on you.

Most sellers are just looking to make a living, keep their customers happy, and keep them coming back for more.


So how to find them?

  • Recommendations from friends or family:

If you know someone who already has purchased luxury bags replica before, ask about their opinion and maybe even borrow their bags to have a close look.

(But I assume most people won’t be sharing much since no one really wants others to know their bags are fake.)

  • Online research:

Join forums or social media communities related to replica bags. Many users often love to share their experiences and recommend reliable sellers.

(If you don’t want to spend too much time on it or still have no clue how to search, click the SUBSCRIBE button, I will share my experience and provide useful info.)


Now you have done with the searching part, you should check those few things to determine whether the sellers really are reliable:

  • Contact info:

A responsible seller should have clear and easy-to-find contact information, such as phone numbers and emails.

  • Customer service:

Great sellers usually provide excellent customer service, which means they reply quickly and provide support after your purchase. So, if you run into any issues, they’ll be there to sort things out.

  • Privacy & safety:

Make sure the seller has a safe payment method and privacy policy to protect your personal and money-related info. 

  • Delivery time:

Find out when you’ll get your replica bag by checking out the seller’s delivery time and policy. Some sellers offer faster delivery, but they might charge you extra for it.

  • Reviews and ratings:

Take a look at what past customers have said about the seller, both the good and the not-so-good. But it’s possible some of those reviews or ratings could be fake.

  • Return policy:

Check to see if the seller has a return policy in case you get a defective or wrong item. 

  • Reasonable Pricing:

Compare the prices from different sellers so you can figure out if the knockoff handbag you’re getting is a good deal. If the price is way too low, it might mean it’s not good quality but don’t go overboard with a high price tag if it’s not worth it.

Moreover, I’d like to say trust your instincts. If an offer seems too good to be true, it most often is. If you have any worries about a seller’s credibility, you should look for the next seller.





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Replica Shoes & More

Replica Shoes:

replica clothes:

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  1. Twyla
    October 12, 2023 / 10:52 am

    Bag of the day : rep artois PM bought from my local seller, i think the dots ratio is wrong lol but who’s going to count? I also wore this bag proudly to LV, Hermès, Chanel & Cartier store. I live in Indonesia, Goyard doesnt have any store here so its less popular.

  2. Zella Carson
    October 12, 2023 / 10:02 am

    I made payment to a seller who gave different payment accounts. Is this common? I made payment to an account I had previously received from that seller before she sent me the payment details. The new payment details are for a different person. Should I be worried? 😢

  3. Lotus
    October 11, 2023 / 9:04 pm

    I just received my Dior caro bag from coeebags ru. I went to the dior store and the rep is definitely way more puffy than the one in the store.

    Anyone have any suggestions? Will it get less puffy over time?

  4. Avira Nixon
    October 11, 2023 / 7:27 pm

    Working out of my company’s NYC office today and, on my commute, noticed the Goyard Goyardine and the LV Onthego tote bags amongst the women heading into offices. Good bags, popular on here I know – but I’m kind of hoping to see something more unique here in the wild?? The best thing I saw, IMHO, was the Strathberry tote — very chic look to it. Love the gold bar across the top! Other non-designer bags seen included the Dagne Dover and Madewell tote bags and, actually, a shocking number of backpacks!

    • Joni
      October 13, 2023 / 10:10 am

      Depending on where you are commuting from crime issues have been real and so I think folks are moving away from open top totes and many are using backpacks and carrying them in front of body. I’ve seen this happening alot in London too. Someone from my office had to go to Rome for a few meetings and she was pickpocketed twice in five days and she said she was carrying her tote in the front of her body and she didn’t feel a thing either time. She came home, ditched the tote and is now using a locked Tumi backpack as she said going to embassy to get emergency passport was a NIGHTmare as lines were packed with others that had been pickpocketed too. Crazy times.

      • Skyla
        October 13, 2023 / 3:28 pm

        Yeahhhh. I’m going to NYC for pleasure and will be walking around for the first time in a while (I live in NJ and go often, but usually my husband just parks near where we are going). I bought myself a crossbody no name sling bag I can wear in front of me for the occasion.

  5. Glover
    October 11, 2023 / 5:00 pm

    I was just browsing Poshmark this morning and they are filled with reps. So is Poshmark just okay with this now? $300 NWT YSL and so on. No disclose that it is rep but the price and the fact that the sellers have NWT listings from all top brands certainly discloses it. Really interesting.

    • Belen
      October 12, 2023 / 9:50 am

      Years ago I tried out one of those poshmark listings. They refused to negotiate and then ended up sending me a sock instead of a bag 😂 I thankfully recorded the whole process of opening the package because I was so suspicious of the size lol and I won my dispute pretty quickly.

      • GLOVER
        October 12, 2023 / 6:11 pm

        That’s really awful, but so funny! You are very clever recording the process

  6. Kirby
    October 11, 2023 / 11:36 am

    Has anyone ever bought the Chanel Grand ShoppingTote? I plan to but was just wondering how people like the bag for daily use? Do you think it’s dated looking?

    • Essie
      October 11, 2023 / 4:21 pm

      Sold my auth. Too small for what I needed but heavy and the straps falling off my shoulders drove me nuts

    • Branwen
      October 12, 2023 / 7:20 pm

      I own an auth GST in SHW caviar and I will tell you this is one bag you will have to pry from my cold dead hands. This is my workhorse as a lawyer and has gotten me through all my law school internship and jobs till two years ago. It’s still in immaculate condition despite me filling it to the brim when I was making in person court appearances. I love this bag and I will cherish it till I die.

  7. Yael
    October 11, 2023 / 7:09 am

    Does anyone have this Puzzle Hobo? If so, may I ask your thoughts on it💕. Does the strap sit comfortably on the shoulder without slipping off, is it user friendly…🙃 any input will be helpful x

    • Catriona
      October 12, 2023 / 1:02 pm

      I purchased the authentic and returned it. It’s super soft but it wasn’t very comfortable under my shoulder, like it was right up in my armpit, and it felt a little boxy.

      I didn’t put anything inside it so that may have weighed it down to fit better but when I online order I try not to “handle” a purse much until I know I’ll keep it.

      • Deva
        October 14, 2023 / 4:28 pm

        I would agree with this description. Although I have mine still, in lime and I do use it sometimes, in the sunshine. It is oddly shaped but capacious, it’s different and draws compliments and questions. But not a wardrobe staple, something a little quirky for vacation or summer events.

        • YAEL
          October 17, 2023 / 10:44 am

          Thank you! And I totally get not wanting to handle a online purchase if your not sure you’ll be keeping it, I’m the same 🙃

          I looked through IG and there seems to be a large enough/amount of space under the armpit. I think your right though cos if you tried it on with all of the stuff still inside the bag then it would be boxy in which case could’ve been the reason for the tight spacing between the top of the bag and base of the armpit. Im thinking that if the bag was tried on with stuffing removed and filled with a few everyday items it would have created a dip on the middle of the bag hence a non-boxy shape making it more comfortable under the armpit, just my thoughts lol. Hope that makes senses I’m so rubbish at describing via text

  8. Whitney
    October 10, 2023 / 8:17 pm

    Do your neverfull come shipped flat? Or stuffed so they full? I got one from pursevalley. Flat and bend with crease 😖… i stuffed clothes in it to straighten out but still hasn’t recovered. Though it looks much better

  9. Lotte
    October 10, 2023 / 3:36 pm

    Help! I treated myself to a Moissanite tennis necklace. I love my necklace… but it needs to be 1 or 2″ longer 🙁 I’ve looked on etsy and only see a silver box clasp extender.. I need gold (i purchased 10K).

    Has anyone see any AE/DHG/regular internet seller of box clasp extenders? At this point plain gold would be awesome- I don’t need tennis style.

  10. Therese
    October 10, 2023 / 2:28 pm

    Hi everyone,

    I got a love bracelet recently and I didn’t really think of this before.. but has anyone experienced where the love bracelet just doesn’t look nice on them? My wrist is more roundish than oval and the love bracelet is like a flat oval. So it looked rather odd 😅 any solutions or suggestions anyone might have? 😂

  11. Calia
    October 10, 2023 / 2:07 pm

    Does anyone know is hypeunique is legit or if there are any hypeunique reviews? Also, I came across a seller on IG (repshoeshavenu8) who specializes in replica shoes. The prices are tempting, and the photo quality looks good. Should I give it a try?

    • htvxe
      October 10, 2023 / 3:41 pm

      Don’t risk it right now

    • Naoise Hudson
      October 10, 2023 / 5:25 pm

      RUN! Run away. IG is a hotbed of scams and con artists. There are so many well documented sellers here and on other threads that imo its just not worth the risk for IG Seller that is unknown. Its your money but imo you are rolling the dice dealing with random IG people.

    • Eyre
      October 10, 2023 / 9:09 pm

      Why not going through sellers here where there are plenty of reviews?

  12. Esperanza
    October 10, 2023 / 12:02 pm

    Just wanted to say I absolutely love reps 😍 Literally so freeing to know that I can get the same bag in multiple colors/designs for the total of the auth bag 🥳

  13. Rika H
    October 9, 2023 / 10:14 pm

    Nnnoooooo! My absolute legend of a workhorse, the oblique Dior Bobby, has reached its end. This was my first rep purchase.

    I felt SO FANCY when it showed up, with branded boxes and a dust bag and even a bonus Dior twilly. Purchased it from DD. Bobby proved to be surprisingly versatile and has been my everyday default despite scoring several more lovely reps. The strap has gotten caught between the seat and center console of my car (and yanked out unceremoniously, because I always seem to be running late) one too many times.

    RIP Bobby, you served me well.

  14. resit
    October 9, 2023 / 8:33 pm

    This upcoming Chanel bag is ever so gorgeous to me! I hope it will be repped. I am so willing to purchase this bag … 🤍❄️

    • dalysa
      October 15, 2023 / 1:19 pm

      Cute bag!

  15. Wilma
    October 9, 2023 / 7:55 pm

    I finally mustered up the courage to order my first CHANEL from xcreplicahandbag. A King Black Caviar Small Vanity Case, just for them to tell me the factory discontinued the item 🥲. It was so perfect lol. I’m so bummed I don’t even want to search the site to find another bag! I was set on that one lol

  16. Kavya
    October 9, 2023 / 5:20 pm

    I’m looking to purchase the a Kelly 28 in box leather with gold hardware, but idk who to go with! Currently considering PH, or DD. Would love to hear your suggestions/thoughts!

  17. Tuppence
    October 9, 2023 / 5:09 pm

    Opinions as to who would be better to order LV Odeon and Victorine wallet (both monogram) from – DD or Louis Mirror?

  18. Zuzanna
    October 9, 2023 / 3:06 pm

    I really like this bag and my seller said it is mid tier. I always buy high tier. Does that mean mid tier will be PU and calloutable?

    • Shoshana
      October 9, 2023 / 8:15 pm

      No i don’t think it will be PU. based on what do you think it will be calloutable and by whom?

      • ZUZANNA
        October 10, 2023 / 1:24 pm

        My two friends are LV addicts, so I am always nervous to carry LV around them. I flaunt my rep Dior and Chanel. So debating on getting this med tier.

        • SHOSHANA
          October 10, 2023 / 6:28 pm

          If it’s something that will make you subconscious about it, then no I wouldn’t get it.

  19. Orchid
    October 9, 2023 / 11:42 am

    Does anyone own any Mulberry reps they would like to share pics of?

    Additionally, I’ve been really enjoying the pink bag posts in honor of the Barbie movie. I hope in the future I can see similar posts, with all the colors 🌈

  20. Tansy Graham
    October 9, 2023 / 8:15 am

    For those of you into jewelry stacks (like love bracelets,Vca, tennis etc) which hand do you wear it? Your dominant or non dominant hand and do you wear a watch with it or on the opposite hand? I’m thinking of switching some things around, but need some ideas of how others are spreading out their stacks

    • Demelza
      October 9, 2023 / 12:44 pm

      I wear a stack on my dominant and a watch on my non.

        October 9, 2023 / 6:33 pm

        This is how I’ve been wearing it, but as my stack is getting larger.. I think I want to swap it around

    • Nuria Kim
      October 9, 2023 / 9:15 pm

      I wear my stack on my non dominant because it’s 18k gold and I wear the bracelet stack everyday, whereas my watch is stainless steel and I wear it less frequently so it goes on my dominant hand. I feel like for most, the watch goes on the left (non dominant)

  21. Katniss Myers
    October 8, 2023 / 11:26 pm

    Anyone have ideas on where to find reps of designer kids/baby clothes?

  22. xd
    October 8, 2023 / 10:15 pm

    Anyone heard of sheluxury? Looking at a mid-tier puzzle… for repscience…

  23. Dana
    October 8, 2023 / 9:04 pm

    My Chanel 19 classic apricot from PCC just came in today 😍 feels so luxurious!!

  24. Noor
    October 8, 2023 / 2:27 pm

    Anyone has Gucci Marmont shoulder bag in dusty pink? Please share experience. Pic for attention.

  25. Sade H Ortiz
    October 8, 2023 / 11:18 am

    This is such a beautiful bag! Has anyone heard of this brand or know of any factories/sellers that would have it? Im assuming they don’t since the embroidery is so intricate. It took my breath away

    • Tina
      October 8, 2023 / 7:23 pm

      Have definitely heard f the brand. Never seen reps

  26. Arlo
    October 8, 2023 / 5:06 am

    Just received my Chanel flap cardholder from juhyb. I’m really not the best at qcing chanel, but it feels and good enough for me 😝

  27. Evadne
    October 7, 2023 / 9:09 pm

    Has anyone bought from tomtop? There aren’t any reviews for the site.

  28. Fifi
    October 7, 2023 / 4:32 pm

    The straps on one side of my Neverfull rep are separating. Can I safely use leather glue to fix this? Has this happened to anyone else? (For what it’s worth, I’ve used it almost daily for over 2.5 years, and this is the first obvious issue!)

    • Calanthe
      October 8, 2023 / 12:25 pm

      Same on my authentic (5 years old). Mine doesn’t bother me. I don’t recall when it first started happening. I won’t glue it except you are sure it won’t damage the bag.

  29. Myfanwy
    October 7, 2023 / 4:04 pm

    Question for people with sensitive skin; I have an auth Hermes swift leather gourmette metal double tour watch band, and after months of wearing with with no problem, I’m suddenly allergic. It’s a beautiful band and very expensive so I don’t want to let it go, anyone have any recommendations?

    Is there a spray or something I can coat it with so the metal isn’t touching my skin? I know it’s the metal and not the leather because the rash is only on the part of my wrist where the metal makes contact.

    • Eluned
      October 8, 2023 / 8:52 am

      Layer of clear nail polish does the trick for me. On the metal.

      • MYFANWY
        October 8, 2023 / 7:00 pm

        Thank you! I will try that 😊.

  30. Ivory
    October 7, 2023 / 3:00 pm

    Hey ladies, I need your opinion, would you wear multiple designer items at the same time?

    I recently went on a holiday trip with my boyfriend and I was wearing my VCA 5 motifs bracelet & Vintage Alhambra Necklace, Cartier Ballon Bleu Watch (rep) a small Hermes 15mm Belt, Louis Vuitton Sneakers (rep) and Chanel Handbag (rep)😂 boyfriend says it’s too much and I felt kinda self conscious after that! 🤣 how many designer item is considered too much? 😅

    • Tana
      October 7, 2023 / 6:34 pm

      When it’s written like that, it does sound like too much. But a lot of it is jewelry so it probably isn’t so in your face. It’s probably ok.

    • Calanthe
      October 7, 2023 / 9:18 pm

      I think everyone should wear what makes them fell confortable. I guess I am wondering the questions is is too much but too much for what? Too much to be believe ? Too much to make good outfit? Too much to be worn safely ?

      Personally I don’t like to wear too many logos because none of this brands are paying me to be their billboard. Depends were I am going or staying I am not going to make myself a target. If it is believable depends were you are staying and again this is important for safety aspect too.

    • Sera
      October 8, 2023 / 1:05 pm

      I try not to. I saw a lady on the subway with a VCA bracelet, Cartier Love bracelet, and some other baubles. She was also wearing Hermes Oran sandals. It felt like too much of a giveaway since her boyfriend did not dress the part!!

      • Farida
        October 8, 2023 / 5:51 pm

        Aaaand this is why I micromanage my husband’s wardrobe on top of my own😅😅😅. He can’t be messing with my hot girl vibes 😅

  31. Emi
    October 7, 2023 / 12:50 pm

    Hey guys. Quick question, where do y’all get platinum jewelry from? Need to get the platinum Cartier love for my partner and I’m getting quoted a wild price from the only jewelry seller I’ve ever used

  32. Anara
    October 6, 2023 / 8:11 pm

    I have contacted 2 different DHG sellers and only received 1 pic (from each seller) of the same side view. Is this a red flag? Normally sellers respond with a few pics from their factory photos. Any tips about what to look for on Celine monogram? I love this bag and i love a bargain at 70aud…but i dont want another dud.

    • Laoise Gutierrez
      October 7, 2023 / 3:21 pm

      I ended up buying vintage auth. They are incredibly cheap from Japanese sellers on eBay. I got the large size and I think I paid $300 and it’s in excellent condition with some patina but no wear and tear otherwise.

    • Lisette
      October 7, 2023 / 10:22 pm

      If you want more personalized service, it might be advisable to go directly through a seller – not through a DHG store. DHG is not always high quality.

    • Marianna
      October 8, 2023 / 1:54 pm

      I think it’s going to be too ambiguous to know if it’s worth the risk. Only buy if you’re willing to immediately do it if it’s no good. I bought a $400aud triomohe and even then feel a bit iffy about it (even though it’s probably fine lol) the print is just too iconic and you then have to get the tones right also.. if you’re risking dhgate I’d go smaller

  33. Mei
    October 6, 2023 / 8:09 pm

    I haven’t made any rep purchases since the start of the year. I’m now ready to buy & will be looking to get a Fendi Baguette in white. So excited. My last purchase was actually a fendi first. Cant wait 😊

  34. Sana
    October 6, 2023 / 12:01 pm

    hello!! 🙂 Have anyone heard of weereplica and/or purchased from there?

  35. Annabella
    October 6, 2023 / 11:44 am

    One of my many orders from DD came in today (2nd bag this week)😅 I plan to gift this but the quality is so amazing I’m thinking of keeping it for myself 🤣

  36. Olga
    October 6, 2023 / 9:14 am

    I just saw the auth LV Mini Pochette price on the US website. I’m so shocked because I bought my auth almost 10 years ago for maybe $220-240 ish. Just insane. Meanwhile rep sellers has a lot of nice reps of these plus the cute limited edition prints.

  37. Violette
    October 6, 2023 / 6:27 am

    My vk gold VCA earrings from cartierpose.me are turning green in some areas and my v2 gold cartier earrings are tarnishing. I’ve had them for a few months. V gold is definitely not worth it.

  38. Denise
    October 5, 2023 / 8:13 pm

    I walked into a Loewe boutique in Singapore last week with my rep Puzzle, and asked to try on a bag and a pair of sneakers. I was told that both had been discontinued but when I looked on the website both items were available. Has anyone experienced this before or am I just being paranoid about my rep? 😅

    • uxshf
      October 7, 2023 / 11:20 am

      Yes puzzle being discontinued. Has been discussed on some forums

      • DENISE
        October 9, 2023 / 6:08 pm

        I had my rep Puzzle but the bag I asked to see was the Luna.

  39. Elke M
    October 5, 2023 / 7:07 pm

    Neverfull alternatives? Looking for a large, slouchy tote but can’t find anything I love 😭

    • Eleni
      October 6, 2023 / 12:20 pm

      Maybe a large The Row N/S Park tote? Kinda understated compared to a monogram neverfull but slouchy!

  40. Adalia
    October 5, 2023 / 6:05 pm

    Took my replica picotin 18 out on her maiden voyage today for my daughters baptism. Absolutely love it both functionality and looks wise 😍

  41. Talullah
    October 5, 2023 / 5:22 pm

    Went to a party yday and met a very nice woman wearing Gentle Monster sunnies, VCA earrings, and Pleats Please pants… chickened out of whispering “wagoons” to her!

  42. Celina
    October 5, 2023 / 10:41 am

    I just sent a lot of money for a big order and all the seller said back was “have a nice day”

    I’ve done this enough times to know it’s normal but dang, if it was my first time ever and I was anxious, I’d think I just sent my money to a scammer 😭😂 praying for quick PSPs

    • j
      October 5, 2023 / 4:18 pm

      I just had that happen the other day with a seller I use a lot. I keep checking for psps. I know it’s all normal but I still get nervous.

    • Kaori
      October 6, 2023 / 2:02 pm

      What did you get? Give us the scooooops!

    • Fernanda
      October 9, 2023 / 7:46 pm

      They’re usually super busy, and a lot of times I only get ‘ok’ as a response on big and small hauls.

  43. Micah
    October 4, 2023 / 8:04 pm

    Hi! Any recommendations on Gucci GG AE/DHG belts with good wear and tear? I’m not looking for 1:1, but for quality leather and a logo that won’t chip

  44. Anemone
    October 4, 2023 / 6:11 pm

    I’d love to add more 14k solid gold pieces (that aren’t Cartier/VCA reps) to my collection – and I’m hoping to get them for closer to the per-gram gold price. I’m thinking herringbone necklaces and signet rings.

    Where should I go? All seller, Etsy, AE, etc recommendations welcome!

  45. Sailor
    October 4, 2023 / 4:27 pm

    So excited for the jewlery GB! This will be my first rep jewlery purchase. Has anyone ordered from getjewelrys.ru, specifically for a Cartier Love bracelet? Are you happy with the quality and and accuracy? I searched for reviews but couldn’t find any.

    • moo
      October 9, 2023 / 6:05 pm

      I got my Cartier Love cuff from MoonTuy around a year ago. Still happy with it.

  46. Suvi
    October 4, 2023 / 2:38 pm

    Sorry ahead of time if this is a silly question, but how do you guys ship your items? Do you use a third party or your full name? What about paying for items via PP or Wise? Are you using your real name and info for those?

    • Este
      October 5, 2023 / 1:41 pm

      Usually the seller has a shipper in mind unless you specifically request another one, they’ll usually go with the cheapest. The seller will also decide how they want to get paid. Using a fake name is not recommended for shipping because if your package is not deliverable, you won’t be able to pick it up at unless the name matches your ID.

    • Selma
      October 6, 2023 / 10:15 am

      This is a BIG question so I’ll précis as best I can. When buying from a seller, I usually let them ship the bag with whatever their usual mode is – never encountered a problem with this. The seller will determine the payment method as some only use PP and some only use Wise. Wise is cheaper as they have more favourable exchange rates. Some people prefer to use a third party agent where they can consolidate their purchases and ship as a bulk “haul”. Personally, if I’m buying smaller items – like jewellery (not 18k!) and I have a bunch of stuff sitting in the warehouse I will have the seller ship to the warehouse and then consolidate the haul. For bags, I prefer to just have the seller ship direct because it mitigates the seizure risk a little by only having one item in a package. As previously mentioned, in Oz we need photo ID to retrieve packages if they are undeliverable so, yes, I always use my full name.

      • SUVI
        October 6, 2023 / 9:16 pm

        Thank you for the info!

  47. Chara
    October 4, 2023 / 1:05 pm

    Does anyone have a good seller for the Chanel 22 denim? I ordered it from DHgate from Tonnyes and I hate the denim color lol. Any recommendations?

  48. Everlyn
    October 4, 2023 / 12:49 pm

    I have a AliExpress puzzle dupe, I really love it but want to get something better quality because I wear it to death!
    Also has anyone worked with DD and Louis? Both have good reviews here and I’m thinking of ordering a mango puzzle from them

    • AnneDavis
      October 4, 2023 / 9:10 pm

      Loved working with Lily, she is super responsive and very nice.

    • Midge
      October 5, 2023 / 7:28 pm

      I’ve worked with both with zero issues. Just placed another order with DD (for shoes) yesterday!

    • Maribel Hill
      October 6, 2023 / 10:52 am

      I have two puzzles from Louis. Xinya is very fast and efficient. I ordered the mini sand and small brown tan from her. The mini leather has much much more luxurious and grainy leather comparing to the small tan.

  49. Kiri
    October 3, 2023 / 11:42 pm

    Anyone know the best way to get in touch with Mr. Goldy? I requested him on instagram but so far I’ve heard nothing. Does he have WhatsApp?

  50. Nicolette Sullivan
    October 3, 2023 / 9:57 pm

    Hermes Lindy owners, please give me advice! I think it seems like a very practical and understated bag that I could use for a lot of purposes. What do you love most about your bag? Any cons? Can any of the sizes fit a laptop? I’m a bit short so I’m wondering about the strap length too. How do you style yours? Tell me everything please! Thank you!!

    • Zipporah
      October 4, 2023 / 10:16 am

      My Lindy 30’s are my go to bag. I would not put a lap top in them. I can carry all of my stuff including a water bottle and still look stylish, lots of pockets. It’s also a quiet lux bag, as not a lot of people carry them. I don’t put twilly’s on my reps, I think that draws attention to the bag.

        October 5, 2023 / 10:22 am

        How did you decide between a 26 and a 30? I’m petite (~5ft) so I’m wondering if a 30 would look too big for me.

        • ZIPPORAH
          October 5, 2023 / 4:58 pm

          I had ordered both a 26 and 30, and realized I used the 30 more than any bag, so I gave away the 26. I ordered another Lindy 30, now I own 3 of them 🙂

            October 6, 2023 / 6:00 pm

            Do you mind sharing how tall you are? I wouldn’t mind getting a 30 to carry more things, but I’m worried about weight and whether it would look too big on me. Or maybe I just need the confidence to carry a larger bag like the Olsen twins lol

            • ZIPPORAH
              October 8, 2023 / 1:19 pm

              5.3, the bag folds like a fortune cookie when you carry it so it doesn’t look that big.

              • NICOLETTE SULLIVAN
                October 8, 2023 / 8:10 pm

                That’s a good point! Thanks!

    • Yui
      October 4, 2023 / 8:03 pm

      The dumpling shape when I hold it by the handles and the way to fits well when I have it on my shoulder – it hugs and seems to sit well, it doesn’t feel annoying as a shoulder bag. I have a 26 the size is perfect

        October 5, 2023 / 10:25 am

        Do you use a bag organizer inside? I’m wondering if it will still fold if you put one in. What leather did you get? Does it get heavy?

  51. Clea
    October 3, 2023 / 6:06 pm

    I wanted to ask! Looking at wedding band for my partner but we don’t want to go down the Cartier route for him as it’s become quiet common! We’ve been recommended Tiffany’s and Bvlgari but can anyone recommend anything?

    • st
      October 5, 2023 / 9:23 am

      Boucheron Grosgrain or Chanel Coco Crush!

    • Fauna
      October 5, 2023 / 9:09 pm

      Personally I love the Boucheron wedding bands.

  52. Michaela
    October 3, 2023 / 10:39 am

    Just a rant. One of my cousins I’m really close with knows that I buy reps. I don’t really lie or have any reason to try to pass them up as auth. We were together at a family party though and she went through my bag and all my SLGs and was like wow these are actually nice. She only buys auth and doesn’t have a positive view of reps. However, I have noticed that she is super fascinated by them and while she talks about how she will only carry auth she is always touching my stuff and examining it whenever she gets a chance. I don’t know what she was thinking but she started talking everyone at our table about my reps and I was getting pretty upset because she was talking about it with an air of superiority to people I don’t even know.

    • Midge
      October 5, 2023 / 7:31 pm

      I find that rude. Personal items, personal space, cousin or not.

      • MICHAELA
        October 6, 2023 / 11:20 am

        I agree. I never thought she would do that because it is rude! But she felt like she could so she could pull out each one and ask me if it’s fake. I’m so annoyed.

  53. Miyuki
    October 2, 2023 / 9:50 pm

    Anyone bought Jimmy Choo clutches from any of our sellers? I need one pleaseee!

  54. Kai Jones
    October 2, 2023 / 1:50 pm

    y’all the Pochette Métis in noir empreinte is one of my absolute favorite bags but I was browsing today and saw THIS.

    The Pochette Métis east west, are you kidding?!?! I thought my Pochette Métis was a bit big and this looks perfect! I’m browsing albums for it now lol.

  55. gghhy
    October 2, 2023 / 11:59 am

    my puzzle finally got to me today! it’s gorgeous, i’m so pleased with it. can’t wait for it to develop a nice slouch. on a side note, do you guys reach out to let your sellers know that the bag has arrived?

    • Ila
      October 2, 2023 / 5:20 pm

      this is my exact dilemma! i want to be polite and say thank you, but i also don’t want to annoy anyone with messages when they’re already busy. for now, i’ll probably just keep doing it until i’m told not to haha

    • Athalia
      October 3, 2023 / 1:36 pm

      I always confirm receipt and thank them too. There’s been some debate on whether or not it’s appropriate to send yet another message when they’re already swamped but everyone so far sounded like they appreciated it.

      • GGHHY
        October 5, 2023 / 9:52 am

        good to know! i usually reach out to tell them, but i didn’t want to be bothering anyone with messages that they didn’t expect to get haha

    • Eleni
      October 3, 2023 / 6:22 pm

      I always let them know and say thanks 😊

  56. Antoinette
    October 2, 2023 / 10:23 am

    Anyone has Hermes Oasis sandals? Are they comfortable?

    • Anahita
      October 2, 2023 / 5:32 pm

      I have auths and they are more comfy than Orans for me.

    • Hilda
      October 3, 2023 / 9:00 pm

      Yes! I have three pairs and I really like them. I find them super comfy 🙂

        October 4, 2023 / 2:25 pm

        Thanks! Did you have to size up or got your usual size?

        • HILDA
          October 4, 2023 / 6:59 pm

          So I’m a true US 7.5 and in most reps I size up to 39s, but all three of my Oasis sandals are 38s and they fit really well. Hope this helps!

          • ANTOINETTE
            October 6, 2023 / 9:45 am

            Yes, it helps,thank you! I am the same size as you and typically size up to chinese 39 for pointy shoes but wasn’t sure about the sandals. Gonna stick to my normal size.

            • HILDA
              October 6, 2023 / 4:02 pm

              Yeah I do the same thing! Glad it was useful.

  57. Neveah
    October 2, 2023 / 6:10 am

    Does anyone know if the Loewe Squeeze bag has been repped yet?

  58. Logan
    October 1, 2023 / 4:44 pm

    I just got my picotin 18 in Gold however it looks a bit small? Or short, compared to picotins I see online also it smelled heavily like a horse stable 🤣 I’m not sure if that’s fufu or not but it still reeks

    • Bryn
      October 4, 2023 / 2:16 pm

      Yeah pictures online are misleading. I have the 22 size and it is still quite small. If you measure the base it should be accurate.

      • LOGAN
        October 4, 2023 / 10:08 pm

        I measured the height x width and the base and they’re all accurate but why does it look smaller than the auth? If the measurements are accurate…and I’m not sure how to get rid of the smell

  59. Mayar
    October 1, 2023 / 10:53 am

    I made my first rep purchase two days ago after weeks of researching. I am thankful to everyone’s super helpful reviews.

    On a side note, I had thought I wanted the Gucci Mini Aphrodite bag, but after trying it on in person I decided it was not for me. However, I fell in love with Loewe’s Flamenco bag and mini Puzzle bag. I finally get why so many people love the puzzle bag.

  60. lpo
    October 1, 2023 / 8:39 am

    Not rep related but any experienced Chanel vintage buyers here ? I found a seller on IG infinityvintage_hk . They have a bag I’ve been lusting after that no one else seems to but I can’t find much info on them.

  61. Sally
    October 1, 2023 / 1:58 am

    Can anyone point me to a good source for the LV Hide and Seek Orange Minnesota? I’ve seen a couple of reps around, but the hardware doesn’t look right

  62. Marianne Simmons
    September 30, 2023 / 4:00 pm

    I’m new to the rep jewlery scene so i’ve been scouring the sellers trying to find the best seller of 1 of 1 designer jewlery like dior earrings, louis vuitton bracelets etc any recommendations?

    • eef
      October 3, 2023 / 2:16 pm

      I’ve heard Osamu or babareplica for costume jewelry.

      • Mina
        October 6, 2023 / 11:17 pm

        Received my VCA from babareplica last week. Really disappointed with the pearling. So much gap and too small therefor exposing the gold underneath. Also chain is thin compared to authentic.

  63. Onyx
    September 30, 2023 / 3:33 pm

    Does anyone know of any sellers/stores that sell just packaging? Lol. I bought a couple LV cosmetic pouches for gifts and would love to gift them in LV gift bags or boxes (the recipients know they’re reps but just to be extra). Otherwise I’ll probably just buy some off of Poshmark 😅

  64. Beulah
    September 30, 2023 / 7:49 am

    any updates on sellers who are going to rep the jimmy choo sailor moon collection? please let me know I want it so bad and I keep thinking about it

  65. Ocean
    September 29, 2023 / 10:24 pm

    Hi ladies! what are the biggest tells on a high tier Hermes Mini Kelly rep? My best friend is getting one from a reseller which is allegedly authentic and she’s paying over 10K! It will have receipts I think but I’m super worried she’s getting duped. Maybe I just don’t understand the Hermes reseller community. The bag is brand new and I guess there are just people who buy and resell Hermes so they can increase their spending profiles?

    • Kona
      October 1, 2023 / 12:31 pm

      The MK is the most desirable bag to be offered. So no one would sell one for retail cost.

      • Mahala
        October 4, 2023 / 4:33 pm

        Some people make purchases from Hermes to create a relationship with an SA in the hope that they may get offered a more desirable bag/qouta in the future or eventually being invited to have a custom bag made

    • Calanthe
      October 7, 2023 / 7:11 pm

      Unless she’s paying over 20K it’s a rep

  66. Mali
    September 29, 2023 / 10:01 pm

    Favorite everyday mom bags? Not a diaper bag, more of a bag I can bring to the park, shove snacks into but still look cute

    • Mathilde
      October 1, 2023 / 4:42 pm

      The celine belt bag in nano or micro might be good! Not crazy big but roomy, and love the crossbody strap to stay hands free. The speedy 25 also might be good!

    • Mariel Fisher
      October 5, 2023 / 9:45 am

      For me its either goyard anjou or st louis. St louis is the lightest bag i’ve ever owned thus its never hurt my shoulder to carry with so much of my kids stuff. But i use anjou more, its a bit heavier than st. Louis because its lined with leather whereas st. louis is canvas. I wont worry about spilled milk / snacks or whatever because i could just clean them & leaves no stain. I was thinking to buy Neverfull but when i tried it was too heavy.

  67. Malia
    September 29, 2023 / 8:07 pm

    What bag should I take on my two week trip to Italy? I’ll be traveling with kids and taking trains from city to city. I have a LV bumbag but it’s larger than I need for my 5 foot frame.

    • Trudy
      September 30, 2023 / 10:10 am

      I took my Bumbag on my trip to Italy last year and I think it was the best choice I could have made. It’s pickpocket safe and even fits a little waterbottle, plus you are hands free. If it really is too big for you, I’d say something like the Prada re-edition or the LV Multi pochette are super easy to use on city trips 😊 imo crossbody is a must!

  68. Darby
    September 29, 2023 / 5:50 pm

    Is it normal for Oran sandals to take 10-15 days for PSPs? The seller told me that they will be made during this time. I work with a seller from ins named Laomauhh

    • Chandra Sutton
      October 2, 2023 / 6:12 pm

      Yes it’s normal . I once ordered a pair of sneakers , the seller warned me it would take about 2 weeks to make them , I got PSP in about 10 days

      • DARBY
        October 6, 2023 / 10:23 am

        Oh okay! That is good to hear, but I assumed they are already pre-made 😀

  69. Frieda
    September 29, 2023 / 4:18 pm

    Hi everyone! I’ve been wanting to add a Bottega mini jodie or a mini loop camera to my collection! I’m torn yet a bit clueless on which seller to choose lol.

  70. Chelsea
    September 29, 2023 / 10:04 am

    Hi! New to the group, not new to reps. Took a gamble and tried shoes!

  71. Hecate
    September 28, 2023 / 10:07 pm

    Has anyone purchased the Chanel sling backs? Do you slip out easily when walking? Contemplating if I need a pair bc they look so classy but I have a quite narrow heel

    • btgg
      September 29, 2023 / 8:05 pm

      Not me but a friend did. It does slip out so fit is important.

  72. Sama
    September 28, 2023 / 4:33 pm

    What do you guys think, is the new Black Frame Loulou worth a shot? I can’t decide whether I should take the risk and order a Loulou, or go safe with a C19? Both bags look absolutely beautiful, but I don’t need both so I have to decide 😞

    • Donna
      September 28, 2023 / 8:09 pm

      I love the Loulou. Absolutely want one.

      • Eleanore
        October 3, 2023 / 12:28 pm

        I love my LouLou also! It is just big enough to fit all I need. It’s very soft and beautiful!

  73. Wrenley Morales
    September 28, 2023 / 4:24 pm

    I find it incredibly fascinating that there’s a person, possibly a leather smith, who disassembles high-end bags to assess their quality, materials, and craftsmanship. He then provide an estimated cost to recreate these bags. What intrigues me even more is that the prices quoted by this individual align quite closely with those offered by sellers of replica bags.


    • Aziza
      October 2, 2023 / 4:48 pm

      I’m just surprised that sellers of reps can offer them at such a competitive price, if that’s how much they cost to make. It’s pretty much the same as what that guy said they would cost to make. How do they make profits.

      • Blakely
        October 3, 2023 / 9:50 am

        I guess if we think about it though, most designer stuff is made in similar factories to these in China! They may have similar profit margins selling to a luxury fashion house or the rep black market. The only difference is because it is more direct, they don’t have the running costs of designing and advertising the product, which inflate the costs for the actual designer brands.

  74. Eugenia
    September 28, 2023 / 2:13 pm

    Has anyone bought a rep Louis Vuitton trunk-the giant kind

  75. Annora
    September 28, 2023 / 8:05 am

    Well I finally got a set of PSPs for one of my bags from a new seller named Ashmi this morning. I was so excited thinking we’re finally making progress & almost ready for shipment. Sadly come to find out it’s the wrong bag so we’re back at square one I ordered a Chanel Backpack 23p in small and the PSPs were for the large.

    • Leta
      September 30, 2023 / 3:27 pm

      Well crap!! I hope maybe someone else ordered the large and got PSPs for small (? 🤔🙏 ) or might want to trade a small for a large before he sends. Sorry to hear, so disappointing for something like that to happen! 💔

      • ANNORA
        October 3, 2023 / 4:49 pm

        Hopefully but he did apologize and say he’ll exchange it. I’m not too upset about it but it’s just annoying bc it means I’ll have to wait again.

  76. Sharon
    September 27, 2023 / 9:56 pm

    ust a tiny rant about an AE seller who will not send me a garment measurement size chart and keeps banging on about my height and weight. Dude just tell me how big the damn dress is. Two people of the same height and weight can be radically different shapes.

  77. Tova
    September 27, 2023 / 9:14 pm

    Omg I just got back from a bar mitzvah and I kid you not every woman had a lambskin quilted Chanel bag (I saw about 5 different colors, 3 different sizes, and 3-4 different styles) It really felt like a cult where every woman was just holding the same bag. It was so odd

  78. Devon
    September 27, 2023 / 7:58 pm

    I want the Loewe Luna bag with the extra crossbody strap!

    • Sansa Dixon
      September 28, 2023 / 12:05 pm

      Let me know if you find this and pull the trigger on it. I absolutely love this shape.

    • Jana
      October 1, 2023 / 4:24 pm

      I love this bag. I was really torn between this one and the Celine Romy and ended up going with the Celine only because I didn’t like the fabric strap for the Luna. But it was a REALLY close call.

  79. Ferelith
    September 27, 2023 / 4:25 pm

    Saw such a cute denim tote at Chanel! I want it now, I hope it gets repped. I got excited and forgot to take a photo. The bag is kind of shaped like a CC logo

  80. Nelly
    September 27, 2023 / 3:25 pm

    Dreaming of the Hermes Chypre sandles…. Having a hard time finding the best seller for them. Anyone have any luck recently?

    • sghhh
      October 15, 2023 / 2:59 pm

      every-designers.ru is my go to for shoes

  81. Perez
    September 27, 2023 / 1:21 pm

    Hey lovely people 🥰 I’m desperately looking for a new work/laptop bag for men. I was thinking about a medium fendi peekaboo but happy to have an alternative 🙏🏼

    • Zariyah
      September 27, 2023 / 8:44 pm

      I think the Loewe Military Messenger bag would make a great work bag, the larger size says it’s suitable for a 13 inch laptop.

  82. Aelin
    September 27, 2023 / 11:58 am

    Hi! Anyone have a recommendation for a good quality seller of Chanel/Dior/Hermes costume jewelry?

    • ying621
      September 27, 2023 / 4:07 pm

      I am wondering the same. Thinking of getjewelrys.ru or aaajewelry. Any one know them?

  83. TWE
    September 27, 2023 / 8:47 am

    If you guys buy from Roman. Roman shipped my bag without putting it inside a box of any kind. My order arrived with the bag inside its dust bag then stuffed inside the plastic fedex shipping bag. Roman also folded the bag multiple times to fit it into the small fedex shipping bag. No bubble wrap or any other protection was included.

    • Zariyah
      September 27, 2023 / 12:28 pm

      Goodness. That’s disappointing. Even the Gate/AE manage better than that (and ebay sellers!) I hope it wasn’t damaged?

  84. Hira
    September 27, 2023 / 7:51 am

    Does anyone here own a Bolide that they love and are happy with? Can you recommend a seller? I’d like to find a very slouchy and soft Bolide in Clemence.

    I paused rep buying for a few years and I’m out of the loop with seller reputations.

  85. Nayeli
    September 26, 2023 / 11:22 pm

    Anyone know sellers who sell Métier handbags? Or even AE or DHG? (Ref: handbags on succession)

  86. Aizah
    September 26, 2023 / 6:35 pm

    Does anyone else ask a lot of questions to their seller or am I the only one? It may be about a bag you see and you really like and so you enquire but then two days later or the next day there’s another bag and you enquire for that one as well 😂

    • adiddyt
      September 26, 2023 / 9:42 pm

      I don’t ask a lot of questions but I will keep adding to my order. I placed an order a few weeks ago but I keep seeing things I like and adding to it. Debating adding another bag as we speak.

    • Desiree
      September 27, 2023 / 10:33 am

      I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum hahaha. I do all the ‘homework’ I can first and then just shoot the album pic(s) through to the seller and ask (a) is this bag currently in stock (b) is the bag good in your opinion? (c) how much is the bag … et voila …

      My convos with the seller would be lucky to extend to more than 20 exchanged messages from start to finish (not including PSP pics of course). It helps when you’re at purse peace so now I only buy every 4-6 months with ‘need’ items rather than ‘want items’.

      • AIZAH
        September 27, 2023 / 5:22 pm

        I try to do all the homework I can but it ends up being limited things I can see 😭 so I have to ask the sellers recommendation

  87. Jolene
    September 26, 2023 / 5:57 pm

    I’ve been thinking about getting my first Loewe puzzle but I’m stuck between the mini and small.

    I love the size of the mini but I’m worried about the non-adjustable strap being too long to wear, especially crossbody. I also like the look of the small and the famous slouch but I’m afraid it’ll be too boxy/big.

    Help and thoughts welcome!

    • Arrietty
      September 27, 2023 / 9:12 am

      I got the mini and I find the strap to be short on my frame (the bag hits right at my hips and I prefer it to be slightly lower). I’m 5’5 for reference

  88. Tiffany
    September 26, 2023 / 12:06 pm

    I always had so much hate for the puzzle bag….and now I’m trying to convince my husband I need a few more

  89. Mairead
    September 26, 2023 / 9:47 am

    Consulting for fashion advice : I’ve ordered a beauty of a wrap coat for next fall ( planning ahead here ) in a light sage green. Stark departure from my usual black/navy/grey palette , so of bloody course I can’t think of a single bag I own that would look good with it . I want something more tonal (insert cringe worthy ‘quiet luxury’ mention here) . For reference I love the artichoke colour in the Loewe puzzle , but I don’t like the puzzle 🤷🏼‍♀️ thanks for suggestions/ inspiration! 🧡

    • Amarantha
      September 26, 2023 / 11:28 am

      What about the Loewe hammock or flamenco? Celine has a lot of bags in a darker shade of green (malachite) as well.

      • MAIREAD
        September 26, 2023 / 5:02 pm

        Flamenco could be a contender, had not thought of it, thank you !!

  90. Clodagh
    September 25, 2023 / 9:51 pm

    I’m in need of a good mini cross body bag and I kid you not! I’ve been waffling between the nano speedy or the Chanel mini flap for months! I hate clutter so I only want to add 1 bag to my collection. Anybody have both? Which do you use more? Help an indecisive girl out!

    • Aislinn
      September 25, 2023 / 11:32 pm

      Chanel will always be more iconic to me!

    • Thisbe
      September 26, 2023 / 4:11 pm

      I have NO mini bags but have examined both in store and, if you want to fit more than a licence and lipstick in your carry, go the Speedy. I (stupidly) bought the 25cm Flap in auth around 8 years ago and hate it because it fits jack all.

      • CLODAGH
        September 26, 2023 / 7:02 pm

        That’s my issue too! I must confess, I already have the 25cm and 23cm rep classic flaps (I just loove the look of them).. but I feel they are way too heavy/bulky yet fit so little, so I’m considering the mini instead. Plus I want something hands-free. Hmm..

    • Delta Fl
      September 26, 2023 / 9:34 pm

      I have both. My Chanel mini rectangular is auth and LV Speedy Nano is a rep. I used the Chanel one twice and never used the Speedy.

      I think both of these bags will always be classic. For me personally, the Chanel is more on the formal side whereas the Speedy is casual and easier to wear. The speedy can hold a little more than the CC mini because it is less structured.

  91. Amy
    September 25, 2023 / 4:44 pm

    Hi everyone,

    new to the rep world and loving all your insightful tips here. I’m looking at a website luxdups.com and I’m curious to know if anyone has purchased from them recently?
    I’m not looking for a high end rep but more something economical for everyday use. Any other websites folks could recommend would also be great!

  92. Tori
    September 25, 2023 / 4:04 pm

    Taking my Reformation rep and 1/3 part of my multi pochette accessoires out for some pasta in Venice

  93. Nevaeh
    September 25, 2023 / 12:24 pm

    Has anyone ordered any of the Hermes rivage sandal reps on Aliexpress? (The rubber flat sandals with 3 chain link straps) I wonder if they’re comfortable? I have Orans that are painful to wear, but the rivage sandals look more like flip flops.

  94. Zari
    September 25, 2023 / 11:38 am

    have any of you removed sloppy stamping from a bag before? I got a DHGate Polene and she’s very pretty other than this one sloppy E that is all I can see…

  95. Adela Fter
    September 25, 2023 / 8:52 am

    TFW you find out your dream bag existed 10+ years ago but can’t find it for sale anywhere…

    I’ve been planning to buy a Loewe amazona later this year, but stumbled across their collaboration with Katie Hillier yesterday, and now I can stop thinking about this silver elephant padlock. There are gold rat, rabbit, and ox versions too!

  96. Darya
    September 25, 2023 / 5:08 am

    Recommendations for comfortable work-chic flats/low heels?

    I bought Prada slingbacks from bragmyshoe.com but they’re not very comfortable and the sling is a little too loose and keeps slipping 😭

    • Coral
      September 26, 2023 / 7:11 am

      You can buy sticky suede things to put inside the back strap. I had to do this with my sling backs that now fit.

    • Salem
      October 5, 2023 / 4:28 pm

      Suggest the Chanel ballerinas…many options in leather and tweed and comfy for office. I’m still searching for perfect rep as larger sizes (40+) imo have oddly shaped toe box. But, if you have smaller than 40 sized foot the toe boxes generally look ok.

  97. Kehlani
    September 24, 2023 / 9:49 pm

    I just ordered a Loewe Flamenco in Vintage Khaki and I’m so excited but now I’m second guessing the color. Like maybe I wanted black or dark khaki or green clay or or or…

    • Posy
      September 24, 2023 / 11:03 pm

      For what it’s worth I think Vintage Khaki is gorgeous and classic! Also, the flamenco is such a great bag you’ll probably end up wanting to get another one and then you’ll have a chance to add a different color.

      • KEHLANI
        September 25, 2023 / 10:04 pm

        Probably so haha!

    • fef
      September 25, 2023 / 10:03 am

      Love that color! I think it’s very versatile and can match a lot of different outfits. Do you mind me asking which seller you went with? I’m contemplating a Loewe Hammock!

      • KEHLANI
        September 25, 2023 / 10:05 pm

        I went with Louis Mirror. First time!

  98. Maelys
    September 24, 2023 / 4:11 pm

    Anyone see the photos of the new LV collection by Pharrell Williams? Not a huge fan of the pixel camo, but some of those brightly colored bags were gorgeous!

  99. Peach
    September 24, 2023 / 12:28 pm

    Anyone have a dupe for the Khaite Scarlet cardigan? Looking for good quality material that won’t pill!


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