Chloe Tess Bag: Everything You Need to Know Guide!

The Chloe Tess bag was first introduced for Fall/Winter 2018 and features a rounded silhouette, magnetic flap closure and striking front loop with Chloe’s signature “O” hardware.

The bag’s shape is similar to the Drew bag, and features a roomy interior with cotton lining and two pockets.

The Chloe Tess bag comes with two straps, a short one and a long one, which allow for hand, shoulder and crossbody wear. The removable straps attach to the bag with feminine hooks in gold and silver tones.

This new design is available in two sizes, small and large, and comes in a variety of colors and finishes, including shiny and suede calfskin, “spazzolato sfumato” lambskin, embossed croco effect on calfskin, Chloe’s new “little horses” embroidery, and water snake print on calfskin.

Below we have compiled a reference guide for your viewing pleasure in our Everything You Need to Know Guide for the Chloe Tess bag.

Chloe Tess Bag

Where to Purchase

You can purchase the Chloe Tess bag directly through the brand’s website, at Chloe boutiques, and at authorized retailers including Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.

Sizes & Colors

Small Tess Bag

$1,850 (USD) and up

Large Tess Bag

$1,990 (USD) and up

Style + Price + Size

Style Price
Chloe Small Tess Bag $1,850 8.1″ W x 6.9″ H x 2.4″ D
Chloe Small Tess Bag in“spazzolato sfumato” lambskin & smooth calfskin $2,090 
Chloe Small Tess Bag in Croc-embossed calfskin $2,090
Chloe Small Tess Bag in smooth calfskin and embroidery $2,250
Chloe Large Tess Bag  $1,990 10.2″ W x 8.7″ H x 3.1″ D
Chloe Large Tess Bag in Watersnake print $2,350  

More Photos

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Gorgeous Chanel Spring 2018 Accessories (with Pictures!)

It’s been said that great style is in the details, and the Chanel Spring 2018 line of small leather goods gives you plenty of options to accessorize like the style maven you are.

The collection includes 70 wallets, tech cases, card holders, wallets on chain, and other gorgeous items.

You’ll find a selection of neutral tones, soft pastels, bright hues, shiny patents, and beautiful pieces with delicate gradients that will make you want to run to the nearest Chanel boutique.

The line is a great complement to Chanel’s Spring 2018 handbag collection, and gives you the opportunity to refresh the look of your iPad, your passport, or your coin purse, among other stuff. Unlike the handbags, which feature a heavier emphasis on playful colors and see-through PVC, Chanel’s small leather goods have a more classic look with familiar shapes and textures dominating the line.

For your viewing pleasure, here is look at the Chanel Spring 2018 accessories collection. For more information and pricing, visit Chanel’s website.


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Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Chanel Bag Online


Let’s face it, shopping online is pretty much everyone’s favourite pass-time: you can do it anywhere and anytime, and these days you can also get just about anything you want on the world wide web, including designer bags.

That being said, Chanel seems to be keen on maintaining its exclusive status by holding out on the world of online shopping. If you are looking to get your hands on a shiny new Chanel bag, your only way of satisfying your classic French designer craving is to make your way into one of the company’s boutiques and subject yourself to the fabulous experience of luxury shopping.

But, online retail always finds a way, and if you are in the market for a pre-owned Chanel bag, you do have a few options. While your shopping experience will vary depending on your choice of service, we are confident that you will find your next fave at one of them. We do recommend doing your research on the specific model that caught your eye, because not every retailer accepts returns.

Ladies, start your search engines!


A mainstay for designer online shopping, Bluefly is a great place to find overstock goods, as well as pre-owned items. This online boutique has a lot of designer stuff, sourced wholesale from brokers, so you will likely not find any exclusive or sought-after pieces, but what you will find is reasonable prices and a money-back return policy. Overall, this is a safe bet for authenticity and value, especially if you happen to find what you were looking for.



Chanel Black Quilted Caviar Leather Petite Shopping Tote $2,415.99 via Bluefly


Another online go-to for designer goods is Shopbop, which mainly sells brand new clothes, bags and shoes, but also has a vintage section called What Goes Around Comes Around where you can find pre-owned bags and accessories. All items, including a selection of covetable Chanel bags are authenticated, so you know it’s the real deal. Like Bluefly, Shopbop has a pretty good return policy, though true bargain hunters can find better prices elsewhere. But girls: free shipping!

Chanel Black Caviar 3CC Bucket Bag $5,565.06 via Shopbop

Have you ever dreamed of an international designer marketplace where you can find stuff from boutiques across the world at the click of a button? Like a fashionistas-without-borders? Well, it exists and it’s called The online retailer compiles online inventories and coordinates shipping for boutiques from US, Europe and Asia, offering a huge selection of designer goods, including vintage Chanel bags. What’s nice is that shipping and import charges are included in the listed price, so you don’t have to budget for those little extras. On the other hand, prices can vary greatly depending on the individual boutique and its location.

Chanel vintage flaps quilted shoulder bag $7,343 via

Vestitaire Collective

Vestitaire Collective is an upscale online resale boutique where you can buy and sell designer goods in a much more dignified setting than, say, eBay. The online retailer’s team of experts checks the authenticity of items once they are sold, so you are definitely not on your own in that regard. Vestitaire Collective is dedicated to providing the best service, and a carefully curated catalog of 600,000 coveted items, with over 30,000 new listings submitted every week. The impressive inventory includes a large selection of vintage Chanel bags, and the website even allows you to make an offer, as opposed to setting a non-negotiable price.

Chanel Boy leather handbag $4000 via Vestitaire Collective

The RealReal

Searching for a fantastic deal on a fabulous Chanel bag online? You should definitely check out the RealReal, an online consignment retailer with a mind-blowing 4,000+ Chanel bag listings. Item prices are set by individual sellers, so if you don’t mind sifting through a ton of listings, you are sure to find something that’s great for both your closet and your wallet.

Chanel Medium Plus Boy Bag $4,500 via the RealReal


Another well-known online pre-owned designer goods retailer is Portero, which represents consignment listings as well as items from vetted sellers who basically use the website as a platform for their luxury resale business. The upshot of this is better, more professional photos and communication, broader selection, and overall a more upscale experience. While the sellers definitely know the value of their items, that doesn’t mean there aren’t deals to be had, and you will likely find a better-curated selection than eBay.

Heritage Auctions

Whether you are searching for an elusive rare gem or simply a beautiful designer piece, Dallas-based Heritage Auctions is a great place to check out. Like most others of its kind, the auction house deals in art, fine jewelry and antiques, but it also has a curated online selection of designer bags that can be purchased at very reasonable prices. And if you are searching for a rare, highly-sought after luxury bag, you can certainly find it at Heritage Auctions as well.

Black & White Quilted Lambskin Leather Cambon Ligne Bag $1,063 via Heritage Auctions


We’ve mentioned eBay a few times now, so now let’s talk about its awesome online shopping possibilities. eBay has long been the internet’s largest marketplace for anything and everything, including Chanel bags. Here, you can find great deals and the rarest pieces, shop at vintage “stores”, and browse thousands of listings that will take you into the wee hours of the morning. There is always new stuff being listed and the possibilities are seemingly endless.

But, there is always a but. Because eBay is a user-to-user marketplace, it does not guarantee the authenticity of merchandise, so it’s up to you to do the homework. Generally, if the price is too good to be true, it may very well not be real. Check the seller’s feedback reviews, shop at vintage eBay “stores”, and research how to spot a fake Chanel bag.

vintage authentic Chanel brown lamb classic double flap bag $1,290 via eBay


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First Look: The “Louis Vuitton Race” Cruise 2017 Series

For their 2017 Cruise lineup, Louis Vuitton has introduced the “Louis Vuitton Race” series of bags. Many iconic pieces have been animated with explosive graphic designs on printed shiny canvas to embody the spirit of the Cruise 2017 fashion show. The bold & playful looks are sure to add freshness and contrast to any look. Scroll down below to take a first look at all the pieces from the “Louis Vuitton Race” series.

Louis Vuitton Race Alma BB




Size: 9.4 x 6.7 x 4.7 inches

Price: $2140 USD

Louis Vuitton Race Alma PM

Size: 12.6 x 9.4 x 5.9 inches

Price: $2680 USD

Louis Vuitton Race Speedy Bandouliere 30

Size: 11.8 x 8.3 x 6.7 inches

Price: $2510 USD

Louis Vuitton Race Speedy Bandouliere 30

Size: 11.8 x 8.3 x 6.7 inches

Price: $2510 USD

Louis Vuitton Race Neverfull MM

Size: 12.6 x 11.4 x 7.5 inches

Price: $1570 USD

Louis Vuitton Race Petite Malle

Size: 7.1 x 4.7 x 1.6 inches

Price: $5750 USD


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