Replica Chanel Classic Flap Bag Full Review

Coco Chanel once said, “the best things in life are free. The second best things are very, very expensive”. Truer words have never been spoken, and I think it’s safe to say that in a period where inflation is hitting everyone worldwide we all know that these second best things can put some extra pressure on our purse strings. However when you know how to shop for replicas, whether they be Chanel replica bags, or replica bags from any other designer then you are able to make these second best things a lot less expensive.


So sound the alarms & get ready for this review on Chanel replica bags! Chanel is one of the brands I receive review request for from blog readers. However since I had a couple of good Chanel purses – both authentic and replicas I purchased years ago (including a caviar jumbo double flap in black, a beige lambskin double flap, a Le Boy, a WOC, and a GST) I put off buying any new knockoff Chanel bags for quite some time.


I plan on doing a rep collection post soon showing how all my Chanel replica bags have held up over the years, and which I would recommend the most based on my personal usage. However this post will specifically focus on a bag I recently fell in love once again – the Chanel Classic Flap replica bag. If you are a designer purse lover it is very likely that you, like I, adore how stunning and sublime the bag is.


Chanel is in many ways one of the most desired designers on Earth and the bags are a must have for any purse obsessed gal (or guy). The price on authentic Chanel bags can be prohibitive as they seem to only be increasing in cost over the years. I remember when I was young and in high school my mom toted around a lovely collection of Chanels – many of which have aged like a fine wine in that their value has increased. I myself indulged in some authentic Chanel bags as well however ever since I have entered the world of replicas it is hard to stay away from Chanel replicas. In this post I will share tips on how you can aim to buy a fake Chanel bag that is so close to the authentic version that you have to have a very trained eye to spot the differences.

Replica Chanel Classic Flap Purse – What Leather or Colours Should I Pick?

Lambskin or caviar? This is the dilemma every Chanel flap purchaser faces (unless of course they go for more non-traditional flap bags using tweed or other materials based on the seasonal collection). This time I personal chose black lambskin in gold hardware. Although it is soft and easy to scratch, it’s really beautiful compared to calfskin! I think lambskin is so chic and sophisticated, and about as classic as you can get when it comes to Chanel classic flap bags. More importantly, if you are a replica novice, and you want a top quality replica Chanel bag I strongly recommend you go for the Chanel flap in lambskin as it is a purchase that is hard to regret!

Chanel Classic Flap – What size should I pick?

I chose the medium size. I thought about the size before buying, and I was torn between jumbo and medium. But upon reviewing my already extensive purse collection I realized I already have lots of large bags, and thought a mid sized bag would hit my present purse craving – plus I think Chanel Classic Flap medium size looks better than the jumbo and maxi in that it is smaller and more elegant as opposed to large and overstated (although sometimes you need that size and that sense of a strong fashion statement!).

I also took my heigh into consideration. Since I’m 5’5”, I thought this medium size would fit my height perfectly without “overwhelming” me. Based on my research I have also come to learn that the medium size is the most popular style so it is difficult to find an authentic classic flag bag in the medium size in an authorized Chanel store. Of course, if you are tall, or you need to carry lots of things in your daily life, you can consider Jumbo size which is much more roomier!

Pricing – how much did I pay for my Chanel replica bag?

I let my desire simmer and my “want” itched for a while before I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the bag. Now if you have ever shopped for Chanel you know it is an expensive brand to purchase any bag from – whether it be fake or real. Even the replica versions of their bags are pricey as heck (that is if you are going for top quality, which I always do). Now the bag was not cheap – even for a replica. It was $625 (with free shipping) ordered form PCC ( considering the authentic is $8800 USD ($4800 went up to this crazy price – almost unbelievable)you could safely say it can still be considered a “steal” considering the amazing quality.

Rating my Fake Chanel Purse – 9.9 out of 10

Now since it has been a couple of years since I had purchased a Chanel replica I wasn’t sure how much the quality on the market had improved or worsened. When I received this bag and unpackaged it I realized the quality has gone up quite a bit. The bag shows like an authentic in almost every perspective one can judge it in. It seems like replica Chanel manufacturers have really been stepping up their game!

You can see how the gold hardware contrasts beautifully against the black lambskin. The supple and rich lambskin is SO soft to the touch the hardware is nice and shiny. The hardware also has a good weight to it and doesn’t seem cheap or any lesser than that of an authentic Chanel bag. Over the years, shopping for replicas, I have seen some inferior replicas, which are very dull in terms of hardware, and the hardware is often a big flaw that allows expert eyes to spot a fake. I feel like silver would have been a more demure choice but I was feeling bold when shopping for this bag and went for gold hardware.

This is another picture of the Chanel classic flap bag I received – I have to say that every detail is so on point, and the packaging is also perfect.


I will be doing a fake vs. authentic comparison to nail home how good the quality of the bag is (everything from the leather, to the stitching on the quilting, to the hardware weight). I would rate the bag a 9.9 out of 10 – as I’ve mentioned before I don’t give replicas a 10 out of 10 ever because in my opinion the fact that it is a replica in itself results in a 0.1 rating deduction since it is obviously not produce by an authentic Chanel factory nor sold in an authentic Chanel store.

Chanel Replica Bag – Things to Pay Attention To: Stitch Count, Hardware, and Leather Quality 

When purchasing a replica Chanel bag one of the most important aspects to pay attention to is the stitch count on each individual quilt. A good replica Chanel handbag should have a high stitch count of at least 8 stitches in each diamond quilt. Anything less than this and you have a subpar knockoff on your hands (unless of course the bag you are looking at is the large stitch models which purposefully have less stitches per quilt).


In addition to checking the hardware and leather, we also need to check whether the diamond is too full. This Chanel bag is really perfect. The manufacturing process of a Chanel purse replica top quality is complicated and delicate, I have seen the production process shown by the seller in detail (it is really opened my eyes to how much work is put into crafting these bags). I was especially fascinated by the quilting production technology of the classic diamond pattern as the manufacturer must be very careful during this process, otherwise a single diamond may not be done well, and it will affect the use of the entire leather. Further, an improper filling of materials within the diamond will destroy the overall fullness and shape of the diamond. So each diamond must be done just perfectly right. I have seen some bags with particularly plump diamond which makes the bag look super fake.

Note: The joints of the chain are neatly cut – even if you don’t look closely you can’t see a small joint. I am a person who pays attention to details, and it is usually the small details which determine how good a bag is.

Another part of the bag you should pay attention to is the leather quality (which is important for all brands – not just Chanel), and the hardware. The hardware on the bag I received is nice and heavy. The detailing on the hardware is also quite intricate matching the minute details and designs on the metal of the original chain on the authentic version of the bag.



The burgundy interior is as soft as the leather outside, and if you’ve ever touched the inside lining of a Chanel bag yourself, you’ll know the texture I’m talking about. There are some replicas with red lining – that’s not right & a red flag.

Note: the black interior is the old version of Chanel flag bags & now the new version has a burgundy interior.


The bag has a double flap (which literally means it has two flaps), There is a sewn CC logo on the interior of the second flap, and right beneath this logo you will find a stamp in gold (which matches the hardware color) of the Chanel logo as well as the production country. As with any replica, if you look to the details and find high levels of accuracy, you will be able to gage how good of a replica bag you have on your hands.

The laser label has been replaced with a chip to verify the authenticity. The chip can only be scanned at the counter, but this is not a detail I care about. I mean some shoppers care about this stuff but I never have – I mean unless someone has a specific intent why would they take their replica to a Chanel store for verification?


I am more than happy with this new addition to my Chanel bag collection which is comprised of both authentic and replica bags.

Thanks for reading my review, and let me hear in the comments below about what you think about this new addition to my Chanel collection.

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      Sorry everyone!There’s a lot of comments on the blog and it’s easy to miss some.
      I ordered from PCC ( already updatedin my article : )

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    Do you have some recommended site where i can order a high quality replicas for chanel and gucci?
    Thank you

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    Where did you purchase it!! Pls share 🙂

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    Hi, will you be able to share the vendor’s info for this classic bag?

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    great bag very helpful where did you buy the bag

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