Valentino VRing Bag: Everything You Need to Know Guide!

The Valentino Vring bag was first introduced in Spring/Summer 2018, and this season the sleek styling is taken up a notch with a new, bigger Vring emblem that gives the bag its name.

For Spring/Summer 2019, the striking Vring is finished in antique brass and is a beautiful design combining V for Valentino and a ring adorned with a red tie.

The Vring is available in a variety of styles, including shoulder bag, crossbody, shopper and chain bag. The designs are crafted in supple calfskin or goatskin leather, with a minimalistic but distinctly feminine appeal.

Depending on the style, there are a few colors to choose from, with a palette of black, red, white, and cream.

Below we have compiled a reference guide for your viewing pleasure in our Everything You Need to Know Guide for the Valentino V-Ring bag.

Valentino Vring Bag

Where to Purchase

You can purchase the Vring bag at Valentino boutiques, through the Valentino website, or at select luxury retailers including Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Available Styles

Small Shoulder Bag

$2,875 (USD)

Medium Shoulder Bag

$3,295 (USD)

Small Crossbody Bag

$2,145 (USD)

Medium Chain Bag

$3,295 (USD)

Mini Crossbody Bag

$1,595 (USD)

Large Shopper

$2,795 (USD)

Style + Price + Size

Style Price (USD) Size
V-Ring Small Shoulder Bag $2,875 W9.4 x H7.5 x D6.3 in
V-Ring Medium Shoulder Bag $3,295 W11 x H9.4 x D8.7 in
V-Ring Small Crossbody $2,145 W8.3 x H5.9 x D3.5 in
V-Ring Medium Chain Bag $3,295 W11.4 x H8.7 x D4.7 in
V-Ring Mini Crossbody $1,595 W5.1 x H6.7 x D1.6 in
V-Ring Large E/W Shopper $2,795 W15.4 x H12.6 x D5.5 in
V-Ring Large N/W Shopper $2,795 W13.4 x H15.7 x D4.7 in

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