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The Louis Vuitton Girolata bag is named after a coastal town on an Island close to France and Italy, and I can definitely see why as the bag embodies the spirit of warm weather and everyone a person can love about summer. I actually purchased the bag during the summer of 2018, and never got around to having the time to review it until now! The bag comes in both Damier Azur, and Mahina leather.

I purchased the bag in the color Galet. The original price of the bag on the official Louis Vuitton website is $3,650 USD. I got it for about 1/8th of that price as a replica. The bag was purchased from LM, which is a new site I stumbled upon that specializes in Louis Vuitton replica bags.

My first Mahina leather replica bag was purchased about 6 years ago from a seller who is thankfully no longer in business. What came in the mail was a plastic-y piece of junk with horrible, inaccurate perforations, and I basically threw the bag in the back of my closet. I eventually ended up donating it to charity. So ya – I have been there and done that when it comes to getting burned when purchasing a replica bag.

I basically wrote off any replica bags that purported to be Mahina leather after that until two years ago when I decided to take the plunge and order a Louis Vuitton Babylone replica bag which turned out to be absolutely stunning and blew me away in terms of accuracy (you can read the review here). After I received that bag I knew that replica manufacturers had really stepped up their game when it came to Mahina leather replicas. This past summer I decided to chance it again and get a Girolata which was a newly released LV bag model.

The bag arrived and it is a gorgeous replica! I have to say that the new Mahina replicas by trusted replica sellers are probably some of the most well replicated bags I have seen in almost any brand, and highly recommend them as a first purchase since you will not be disappointed! However keep in mind there is a caveat that the seller is important because if you purchase from a sketchy seller you will end up with either possibly: a) no bag, or b) a plastic-y piece of junk. So here’s all the details of my review of the bag:

Leather Quality:

The Mahina perforated leather is amazing. You can see it in the photos, and you can feel it in person. The leather on this bag is a perfect match when you compare it to the original. In fact I’d even go as so far as to say it may even be better than the quality of the classic LV canvases, which as we all know are very well replicated nowadays! On Mahina bags one extra thing you have to pay attention to is the quality of the perforation. If it is a poorly made bag the perforation pattern may be off, or the perforations may not be thorough enough, however that is not the case with the bag I received which is essentially perfect!

Hardware Quality:

The hardware on the original bag is silver colored metallic pieces. The replica bag has the same hardware, and the hardware is of a nice weight (as I often say you can really feel the quality of the hardware when you get a replica bag as pictures can be deceiving sometimes). The logo is stamped on the hardware at the right places on the clasp.

Stitching Quality:

This is the always important metric that you can use to judge any replica bag, whether it be Louis Vuitton or Chanel, and is often the easiest way to judge how good of a replica bag you received (other than the leather of course). The stitching is done perfectly throughout the bag, and there are no sloppy spots!

Interior of Bag:

The interior of the bag is made from a beautiful suede leather and there is even a “Louis Vuitton” embossed on the bottom of the bag just like the original! There is also a removable pouch that came and is placed in the interior.

The Bottom Line:

The bag is beautiful. There are no down points for me to mention, however the only gripe I did have with the bag was that the drawstring adjuster was “stuck” to one side of the leather strips and when I moved the adjuster it caused a bit of a scratch on the strip which you can see in the pictures.

Overall however I am in love with this bag and know it will accompany me on any summer trips, as it is one of the best possible summer bags one could ask for, in my humble opinion at least. What do you think of the bag? Let me know in the comments below!

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41 thoughts on “Louismirror.ru Review: Louis Vuitton Girolata Mahina Replica Bag

  1. Hi, I’m looking at a LV lockme bucket bag on the LV mirror site. It does not give any information on what it is made from. In your experience, is it genuine leather or fake?

    • Hi Angela,

      The bag I’ve purchased is in fact real leather so I’d assume all their products are especially at the price point they are selling at!

    • Hi Renee,

      I haven’t seen a LV Montsouris replica yet, but I’d say if anyone would have a good copy of it, it would be LM. Let us know if you end up procuring one and where you get it from, and whether the quality is good! 🙂

    • Hi Bea,

      I’m not sure hun. The best thing to do is to check out their website or contact them directly! 🙂

  2. Hi, I just check out the LM site. I was wondering how you decided to make your purchase? On the site I can only see on picture for the bag. I always thought it was better to get many pictures and only one picture was a warning sign?

    • Hi Rebecca, another blog reader mentioned the same thing! When I purchased on their site it looked different and had a lot of photos. I think their site is glitching or going through some kind of an update! I’d definitely recommend you wait until more than one photo shows up! 🙂

  3. I am in desperate search for the very best LV Karakoram MM I can find. Does anyone have any suggestions for a really reliable source?

    • Hi Joanie,

      I think the LV Karakoram MM will be a hard one to find as a replica because it is not a standard model, and so probably not as well replicated. I usually find that LV models with the images printed on them or with super intricate designs are always a bit off so I stay away from them personally! Let us know if you find a good copy of the bag, however I’d personally purchase an authentic of that bag instead if I really wanted it!

  4. Hi Angie, I was planning to get Mahina Asteria from designer discreet. Can you please advise me if they are good.

  5. No use in asking about the site. All of us have asked and she did not reply to any one of us. I did enjoy her blogs but now I am unsubscribing

    • Hi Ayten, sorry hun – I initially added the URL but for some reason it never posted. The post is now updated. I will ensure all future posts clearly note the seller information at the bottom of the review to avoid confusion!

    • Hi Jeanne, I have never heard of them personally! Let us know if you try them out/how it goes! 🙂

  6. Yes please do so, I don’t understand why you don’t in any of your reviews name the sites you purchase from which is quite frustrating ..thank you

  7. Hello! It’s very grand informative all what you posted. But I find that you can give as well the page address where you hace purchase IT??? And not only the letters LM!!!


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