The Top 12 Most Popular Hermes Birkin Colors

Hermès is arguably most well known for its very pricey Birkin bag which can set you back between $11,500 to upwards of $150,000. One oft asked question is what the most popular colors are for the Hermès Birkin? And it’s easy to see why as the variety of colors, hardware, leathers, and textures can make Hermès a difficult brand to navigate – especially if you are a first time buyer. We’ve compiled a list of the top twelve most popular Hermès Birkin colors below:


1. Black:

This is unsurprising as we all know black goes with practically everything! It is a particularly great choice for a first time Birkin buyer as it will not cause any post-purchase regret since it is one of the tamest and most practical colors you can add to your handbag collection.



2. Gold:

This does not refer to the super flashy and metallic gold your most likely imagining in your head, but instead is more of a camel-esque color. It is one of Hermès’ first colors ever released and like black is uber tame, and will usually blend in well with most outfit palettes.



3. Orange H:

This is perhaps Hermès’ most iconic color, and the one you will probably be most familiar with seeing. It is the same tone as Hermès’ famous orange boxes, and will add a nice pop of color to any outfit.



4. Rouge H:

 This is a deep red and has a very demure look which can blend well with most wardrobes.



5. Blue Sapphire:

This is a deep blue which portrays a richness denoting maximum sophistication.



6. Etoupe:

This is better known as taupe and looks amazing with contrasting colored stitching.



7. Rose Tyrien:

This is a bubble gum pink that is very bright and fun. It is a color that really pops and adds a flirty touch to any outfit.



8. Etain:

This is a grey tone color which has been gradually replacing Hermès’ other grey shades including the previously loved Graphite grey color.



9. Blue Jean:

This is a lighter and softer blue that is very demure. It’s rapid recent rise in popularity has led Hermès to increase production of this particular color.



10. Rouge Vif:

This is a lipstick red color that is very vibrant. It is the perfect color for someone looking to add a Birkin that really stands out to their collection.



11. Blue Electric:

This is a more recent color release by Hermès and is an electric blue with is reminiscent of royal blue. This color denotes a strong regal quality which makes it fit for a queen. This color is known to be particularly quite popular with celebs.



12. Vert Olive:

This is a lovely rich olive color which is more scarcely found nowadays, however remains highly sought after.


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