Louis Vuitton Neverfull Replica – Damier Azur

louis vuitton neverfull replica
The front of my LV Neverfull replica with all the protective plastic packaging still on!

Hi guys! If you love summer like I do then you probably will also be a fan of Louis Vuitton’s Damier Azur collection. I believe the line has a perfect summer look to add on to any outfit and usually gives even the most plainest of a looks that oomph it needs to add a touch of luxe from the house of LV. I purchased a Louis Vuitton Neverfull replica in the MM size (a.k.a the medium size) in the newer edition with the pouch to add to my collection alongside my Neverfull GM in Damier Azur I also own (previous purchase). For those of you who are not well acquainted with Louis Vuitton, the Neverfull’s used to come without a pouch however a recent update (this year I think?) the company decided to include the pouch with all of their Neverfulls. I think this was a good decision on their part especially for those who pay full price for the authentic version of bag since they DESERVE a pouch … I mean dropping a grand on a very simple tote is fine and all but at least the pouch helps give an extra touch to slightly justify the price (maybe I am just crazy?).

Anyways the pouch is actually super handy when it comes to organizing your little bits and just helps keep your bag more neat overall. I mean anyone who has ever owned a Neverfull knows that it tends to get full and messy since as the name implies it seems like it will never become full! The replica bag I purchased is awesome in terms of both stitching (which as I have mentioned before is one of the most important things you need to pay attention to when shopping for a replica) and the canvas heaviness. The bag’s handles are also true cowhide leather which I can tell by touch since there is a soft-ness to the leather that false plastic handles cannot match (which is what most replica companies sell – I actually own a Neverfull I had previously purchased in Damier Azur with the plastic handles and I have to say in person the comparison between the two bags is night and day). Overall I am extremely happy with the purchase and cannot wait to put this baby to use and let it get its summer tan while I enjoy its company. As usual I got a box with the bag as well as the dustbag and the smaller knick knacks like the authentication cards, and papers etc. (which I have personally mentioned I do not really care for). UPDATE: I got the bag from Designer Discreet in case you were wondering. Click here for the link! Take a look at the photos below and let me know what you think of Neverfulls, or the replica version I have purchased in particular in the comments below!

inside louis vuitton neverfull replica
Inside the bag!
louis vuitton neverfull replica stamp
A closeup of the stamp inside my new Neverfull replica!
neverfull replica bottom pouch
Underneath my Louis Vuitton Neverfull replica bag which you can see lines up nicely in terms of print placement.
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19 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton Neverfull Replica – Damier Azur

  1. Ladies
    Can anyone recommend a web site to purchase a good quality replica bags. I emailed pursequeen, but not sure if I get a response.
    Does anyone know where from this one was bought?


  2. Hi Angie
    When i found your blog i found eva knox blog too but i do not like to judge or to speak bad things of anyone, i read what you said about Eva and visit her page and saw that even when people gives to her bad reviews she doesn’t delet the post. i emailed both of you for my surprise you never replyed me but she did. I’m not here to defend no one but in my opinion if you guys both compete no need to speak ill of one another and i saw that Eva has more maturity than you because i check her entire blog and all her posts and never saw any post destroying your image or personality as you did here in your blog that’s not correct girl. If she is an impostor and let her actions will speak for themselves, You have your clients and she has hers and each of you do your job that its to appoint the best sales replica sites to us our readers. if you think that the sites she recommends are not reliable then simply put in your blog that are not reliable because you have here on your page many readers who also follow Eva Knox or sara whatever is her name. that’s all it’s my opinium sorry if i ofend or something else but i have to tell what i saw

  3. This bag is nice but I don’t think the colour inside the bag is correct though, the real one has a fade brown colour while this is more of a darker shade. I had one too, but the inside was wrong and I didn’t have the confidence to bring it out but oh who cares!

    • There’s 2 editions. One with the darker interior and one with the brown. The darker colored one is just more limited but I did see in an LV boutique once (source: I used to work for LV)

  4. So sad I just bought a Neverfull replica from ioffer and the bag came without a pouch. Wish I could return it 🙁


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